sands, hourglass


petals long dropped

body, a middle aged stem

 spirit never wilts








15 thoughts on “sands, hourglass

  1. A different perspective…
    Very nice 🙂

  2. ……..and let the spirit never wilt. A different and a refreshing viewpoint on the prompt.

  3. So sad, in the end. A spirit that never wilts, succumbing. . .wilted. It reminds me of aging, perhaps, or thoughts of old age. Or someone who was older but who had once been a strong and spirited young one. It’s like a short sad story. Like reading the obituary of a childhood friend, and being surprised by his/her death.

    • I love how much you consider the haiku Niko :-).

      Nothing quite so deep in this one though – I was simply thinking of aging as you guessed…and I admit my spirit does often wilt though I try to stay ‘up’…

  4. But the petals do. Nice lively positive feeling in your haiku. I liked it a lot.

  5. I like your serious take on the prompt. It struck home for me. Here is my light-hearted California-dreaming response haiku:

    spirit never wilts
    slender waist high tits cheekbones
    credit card surgeon

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