It’s absolutely perfect. I’m lying on the deck – on the sunbed, eyes closed. The calendar says spring but this sunshine is strong summer.

I’ve pulled my tshirt up to expose bits of flesh that haven’t seen the sun, haven’t felt fresh air! in months…thinking of taking my jeans off.

I am quite secluded, hermitted away here.

You think you hear nothing but there is no silence.

In this ‘silence’ I hear the wind. Or rather, the many plants brushing against themselves, and each other, as the wind visits.

I hear the sea. I wish there was a word, not overused, to describe that sound; and how happy it makes me feel. I imagine myself tossed about by those waves – the salt healing my skin along with this sun.

And the longer I lie here the more varieties of bird call I hear. Talking to their own family? Or do they all understand each other’s language…

There is such calm, and profound joy just being in this place.

Within a short time the wind has taken the sun’s power. And then the clouds roll over it, white and fluffy, diluting the warmth further… The sounds have changed as well. I hear a seaplane, and a siren. Real life and daytrippers are out there.




This morning, a very small bird swooped me 🙂 A baby kingfisher I think. Testing it’s tiny muscle. Ha ha yes, you can share my breakfast, no need for the display little one.

If I hold my hand out flat, like offering apple to a horse…would a bird eat out of it without pecking right through my palm? Stay tuned – I may try that tomorrow.

breakfast for two



27 thoughts on “tranquility

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Sounds perfect to me…….

  2. OH i want to be there too..

  3. This is a lovely piece – one I’d like to remember in the dead of winter.

  4. Does that mean you’re in love with Ireland? Sounds like a great and peaceful place to be.

    • Oh Niko, I won’t be in Ireland til late next year…this is a brief break from home, not far from home but so nice to be out of the city 🙂

      • Apologies. Perhaps I am too excited for your trip to Ireland? LOL

        And it is nice to be out of the city. I hear the same sounds, too, each day (save for the sound of the waves, as I do not live near the ocean). There is nothing like feeding a bird directly from your hand. Animals are beautiful beings.

  5. looks and sounds gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful place you’ve found. If I hadn’t read the comments I’d have thought it was your home. Enjoy your break.

  7. That bird has a pretty sharp beak! If he pecks you, don’t be too disappointed in him for being what he is.
    The way the blue of the ocean just blurs away.
    No clear line between here and there. 🙂

  8. Waves conquer all in my world, something powerful and a pleasant sound I never get tired of, thanks for sharing the peace.

  9. I love this!!! Love that you are relaxing and love the photos. I want to jump in that pool!!

  10. Sunhine Intentions

    Truly beautiful…

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