I’m corned beef, he’s yum cha

There was that time in my teens, when Patricia (I’m not your aunt, I married your uncle) turned up at the back door unexpected, and rocked back on her heels, sucking in air. ‘Oh, for a minute I thought you were June!’

 June was my mother’s mother, long since departed this mortal coil.

 Mother has a ‘glamour shot’ on the wall in her front hall – people often think it’s me.

 I was drifting, unhappy, without any real sense of self when my first boyfriend reconnected with me. During that brief bliss, one day I looked in the mirror and saw ME. It was the teenage me that he’d lusted after, fallen in love with. I was there…I am here. I began to use my old name from that moment.

 Mostly though, when I look in the mirror I see my father. Is that because I want to? I belong to that side of me. I don’t identify with the maternal family, or even the immediate family.  I miss my father.

 I am my father’s altruism. My mother’s anxiety. My father’s huge heart capacity, global compassion, community involvement.  My mother’s judgemental distance. And I am all my own reservations and introversion.

 My son is so much my father, stir fried with his own father’s stubborn disengagement. And he is me. He identifies with the paternal side.

 I am Irish, he’s Chinese.

 We are apart – but when my heart beats, precious blood flows through his organs and we are connected. 



Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis





13 thoughts on “I’m corned beef, he’s yum cha

  1. You are adorable Annie!

  2. Beautiful and unique is life and all it has to offer us, your words are deep with love and ever lasting.

  3. I was pulled into you story.

    “Good,” I thought as I read. I like stories. I like personal stories with lots of details.


    Then I banged right into “stir-fried” and clapped to a stop.

    “Okay,” I thought. “Wow. You got my attention. Now I’m right here with you.”

    Good one. You baited me, caught me and then gave the line that enjoyable “stir-fried” yank.

  4. A beautiful mix it is Annie and yes in the end we are all connected…very true 🙂

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and the likes. I love the way you speak, sort of mysterious, sort of Chinese, but I am not sure…..if you are Chinese, Irish, or part of….:-) But whatever, you are loverly!

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