it’s Tuesday in oz, what are you doing?


9.30am youngest daughter walks in having been at boyfriend’s overnight and sees me sitting on the couch. Could be that I woke up, sat here, nothing has happened.


I woke before 6 to a strange tapping sound. I thought the small cat was playing with something and kept calling her, quietly. When I got up I let my ears lead me and found that a crow was pecking at the skylight, on the stairs up to the attic. I hope he doesn’t break through and fall in…


Put mother’s pills out for the morning and let her carer in. Fed the cats.


Chat with son in law as he prepares his food to take for the working day. Quick turn around the tiny garden together while he shares what will happen next – backyard blitz in progress, happy face. Retractable awning with a tilt has been ordered, palms a plenty to be delivered tomorrow. Instant tropical privacy screen from the flats behind us.


Hugest truck ever appears around the corner. What is it doing here? It can’t fit in our street. Next time I look the truck driver and another passerby are changing a neighbour’s flat tyre. That’s why he’s here. Karma – causes and conditions. There is no such thing as a coincidence.


I’ve answered about 10 work emails, blog comments. I’m waiting on a grocery delivery. And a phone call from a friend in Boston.


9.30am – nothing has happened yet, I’m just sitting here.


(oh and the fires continue to burn, cousins on standby to evacuate – I wish they’d just come down out of the mountains already, be safe)






12 thoughts on “it’s Tuesday in oz, what are you doing?

  1. It’s Monday evening in NYC, Annie, and I’m waiting for my daughter to come home. We’re having cheese tortelloni for dinner. It’s getting dark earlier and the temperature is dropping…autumn in NY. Have a wonderful Tuesday! xoxoM

  2. Monday night. Just finished the dishes.

    Leaves are starting to drop here, without much color. Read about the fires over there. Be safe.

  3. unfetteredbs

    Monday evening, dinner, dishes, and homework are done. Yay. Time to relax and unwind. Monday night football and my pjs.

  4. Tuesday was pretty average for me being told I needed glasses to read because it was common my age and that I did pretty well not needing them sooner. I look like an old lady wearing them BUT I cannot survive without my reading. My sisters and a cousin were evacuated today, hoping a cool change for all the fires, families and fireman comes soon my friend. I hope your family are safe.

    • Felt the same way when I first got them but can’t read without them now…

      My cousins are safe too, thank you. One family was fine throughout, one has evacuated three times but house safe and they’re home again now.

  5. I woke after a drugged sleep, big dental surgery until 8pm last night, have been sleeping nearly all day, getting the toxins out of my system I hope … good results we think 🙂

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