good days, bad days – b.a.d. days

It’s a year today since the diagnosis. I’m not generally one to mark anniversaries out loud. Fast forward and she’s really well right now – we should celebrate that, yet I can’t help but live it over. There is no negative superlative to describe how awful this day was then. I guess, at the end of it, at least we had an answer, and could start the long way forward.


The talk with the doctor after the colonoscopy, is not something you’d wish on anyone. My baby girl has dealt with a physical monster I can’t even hope to imagine but mentally, bringing up three kids alone, I’ve been through a lot. A lot more than I could have ever made up. A lot more than I could ever imagine I could cope with.


We coped.


Tomorrow is another day…somewhere in the land of bagpipes and cable tossing, while the clock hands mock me across the waves, my son will grow older. Another anniversary, memories invading my waking hours, my working day. I hope he’ll feel loved, and that his birthday is full of joy.

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