haiku me – this week


A great challenge from the Daily Post – five days of haiku before this Friday…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!

so here’s Sunday to Thursday…


mountain cousins lunch

take the long road to the west

love and laughter wait


cleaner and cats talk

I’m moving your hair around

mopping figure eight


blood test overdue

tubes and tubes of my red drops

liquid of secrets


what will hump day bring

authors talk and I’ll listen

wisdom on a plate


and thursday hi ho

off to work I’ll have to go

Dharma not drama




8 thoughts on “haiku me – this week

  1. much better dharma! 🙂

  2. Wonderful! Hearing test results is so scary.

  3. Dharma not Drama. I really like that.

    Good job Annie. xo

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