Not demanding something different

Impermanence…and peace. Love these words from Ajahn Sumedho; with thanks to Karl from Mindfulbalance for constanting posting inspiring Dharma.


The previous post suggests letting go as a way of negotiating the ups and downs of each day, and I got an early opportunity to practice this strategy this morning. I arose early and set out to get to College in good time. However a major accident closed the main road towards Dublin and led to diversions, traffic chaos, and added significant time to a normally carefree journey. So the planned early start at the desk did not materialize. It is good to work at being at peace with how each day starts and develops, how our life is actually unfolding in this moment,  as this leads to being at peace with how our lives are in an overall sense.

Pleasant conditions change into unpleasant ones, and unpleasant conditions eventually become pleasant. We should just keep this awareness of impermanence and be at peace with the way things are, not demanding…

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2 thoughts on “Not demanding something different

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Your post put a smile on my face, Annie.

    I’d just finished reading Karl’s post.

    His posts echo so many of the books/authors on my non-fictions shelves at home. I just started re-reading Being Zen by Ezra Bayda – Bringing Meditations to Life. So I’m half expecting an Ezra Bayda quote from Karl in the near future.

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