Dharma based therapy :-)


And then there are the counselling sessions with my boss. Dharma based and excellent. Truly helpful – I had a great day after the last one. BUT the next day panic gripped me, chased me, mocked me til I left the office panting all the way home. 

If I could carry him round in my pocket, if I could bring him home with me… 

As I recall the last session, the palm of my right hand is heating up again. He asks me to look him in the eye and not break focus – in fact you can’t. Once I make eye contact we are locked together. He takes my right hand and faces it upwards, makes it the shape of a bowl and says ‘here is this life’s karma’. Puts air in there and closes it over with my other hand. ‘Hold it while I talk’. 

‘You have to let go of the past. You can do this. You’re holding on to that karma and only you can let it go and move past it. It’s like someone is pulling a rope and you’re gripping on. You’re giving yourself rope burn’. 

At that minute my hand WAS burning hot. I gasped ‘I want to let go’, and broke my hands free. 

The right hand was tender the rest of that day. I can feel it again now.

He’s a powerful bodhisattva my boss. And an all round nice guy 🙂




12 thoughts on “Dharma based therapy :-)

  1. Wow! I sure never had a boss like that. What a beautiful wise soul.

  2. Sounds like someone worth listening too…:)

  3. The trick is to hold onto it… and have it when you need it.

  4. what a special person, you are blessed to have him in your life Annie!

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