haiku days


In response to a few days of Kristjaan’s prompts… (click on his name to see other entries, or join in – you know you want to!)


Carpe Diem #359 Wildflower


sway to irish lilt

close your eyes smell the wildflower

could be you are home


Freestyle #5 (x 2 – the beach; the city)


same sea different sea

serenity horizon

draws me back to calm




dear ice cream on wheels

take your greensleaves and sugar

roll a different street


Tan Renga #24 Managua Gunn’s ‘puddles on the forest path’


puddles on the forest path

frozen with leaves and pine cones

no place for stars to play     (managua gunn)

icy branches overhead

the drips of spring months away    (bodhi)


Carpe Diem’s Special #69 Hando’s 5th ‘caught by the call’


early morning laugh

baby kookaburra visit

swooped by the mama









11 thoughts on “haiku days

  1. The windswept feathers
    on his kookaburra head
    inspired haiku!

  2. Good to see you here again and read those wonderful entries to the divers episodes. They are all gorgeous, but the one about the kookabura is really a gem.

  3. Oh the kookaburra.. I have seen such nice birds enter every now and then

  4. I love haiku days. The short, simple beauty always makes me smile.

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