beginner’s mind (day three)


I used to say I write because I want my children to know me. No one really knows the inside my mind me, and I guess we all feel like that. Writing won’t change my children’s perception of me…

My first idea for a book I would love to think could be published was also on my mind when I started blogging.




I think it’s a book of short stories.


Edited thanks to the kind words of Dawn, from Tales from the Motherland (who if you aren’t reading – well why not?)…removing some words about my ideas, might be too late, someone might be on it right now – writing my book!!


I started it a few years ago. Had to read some work aloud to a writing group I was part of for a couple of years. We met monthly, in what was probably originally the garage of a big old house, over the bridge. Some kind of women’s shelter now and the room we used was, I guess, what you’d call a common room. An odd mix of furniture, no doubt donated – almost like a stage setting out of an op shop. Cheap stackable chairs, an old piano in the corner, and a bookcase of musty old words. How long since anyone had pulled a single book from those shelves?


I’m sure you’ve tried sitting on a white plastic chair for a full day, notepad on knee, through cold days and very hot. Straining to hear the voice of our fearless leader – her slow and gentle manner held us all captive. Everyone else at least 10 years older than me – psychologists and published authors – the occasional brave man joined the group.  The atmosphere was surprisingly cold. Felt very much like we were lone bodies in a semi circle, not a collective. And when she opened it up to group discussion – the same two or three voices, sharing what they needed to, bones of their lives, often irrelevant to the time…


Now of course I can’t just stop at one thought 😉




There could be a blurb type book – a photo and haiku per month for a year’s end family present. 


Fiction with a reality base – some story to come out of my trip to Ireland mid this year…going home for the first time?



12 thoughts on “beginner’s mind (day three)

  1. You’re going to be very busy 🙂

  2. I wish you success!
    Diana xo

  3. Love your goals, but as a friend would tell you: Keep your ideas to yourself. Don’t publish them anywhere, until you do something with them! I’ve learned the hard way, and been told by countless other writers… don’t put your ideas out there; there is always someone waiting to grab them and use them. Hate to be cynical, but I’ve found it to be true. Protect your creativity and talent. Do it! Start that book, now. xo

  4. Wish you luck for 2014 my friend 🙂

  5. Only you can tell it from your perspective, the world needs to hear your words no matter how you bundle them up, good wishes and lots of productivity, which is the word I choose for this year ahead.

    • Thanks Kath – I’ve done a little housekeeping, saved some posts to hard drive and cleared them from here (have so many on here!)

      Will get back to more serious writing this year.

      The word I choose though is health. Having started the year with a shocking cough thing, hot on the heels of the stressed out end of year! I’m thinking I have no option but to go with health for my word..

  6. Hardik Nagar

    Great to have stumbled upon your blog, my friend!

    Went to your posts and you write brilliantly. Will definitely buy your book, once it comes out.

    I myself have gotten a spiked interest in Buddhism recently after I started following the philosophy of Minimalism- which in every manner connects to Buddhist philosophies.

    Great to connect with you. Keep writing and all the best!

    Do check out my blog. Would love a feedback from you 🙂


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