taking flight


My little one is busting out in braveness tomorrow.

I should know, from the way she’s managed everything since diagnosis, that she can take on the world. Resilience is her new middle name surely.

In a few short hours she’s going overseas, by herself. It’s a quick trip and has been organised in a very short time. It’s a close trip, across the ditch, and I could get to her in less than a day if need be.

In 2012 she nearly died and for months we wondered why. 2013 answers, questions, pills, iv meds, hard won health and we know it’s transient. Smoke and mirrors of remission.

Not even two weeks in to 2014 and she’s ready to push for independence again. It’s a test run for a longer adventure, far from home, later this year – between infusions.

Big love baby girl, I can’t wait to hear about New Zealand.


Who’s your hero?



25 thoughts on “taking flight

  1. She is brave, my friend. And inspiring at that.

    I wish her all the best.

    May she fly. I am sure, she’ll. 🙂

  2. Sending lots of good energy for her journey, and for you too. I’m so happy for you both that things have progressed to this.

  3. Safe travels and good health! Warmly, Brenda

  4. Wonderful news!

  5. Very brave indeed. It is wonderful, exciting and hard to watch them fly! Sending all my love for a wonderful adventure!

  6. Oh Annie, you got me all teary. You are a good and brave mama and that is why you have such a courageous girl. xoxox

  7. How wonderful. Best of luck on her journey. She’s a strong, beautiful soul.

  8. I wish your daughter health and happiness! She deserves it! The children are so resilient and get back on their feet fast.
    My hero is my son who is been battling Ulcerative colitis since he was 2 (he is 7 now).

  9. Fantastic news.. I hope she has the most amazing time.

  10. She’s an inspiration to us all. I hope she’s having an amazing time! 😀

  11. unfetteredbs

    Safe travels brave girl. Sit tight, strong and proud mama. Quite a gal you have!

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