apparently I needed something real to be anxious about


I’m angry now. I’ve had a little lie down, breathed the anxiety away for today.

I went to the supermarket. Haven’t done food shopping in a while. It’s not something I enjoy but hey it has to be done.

I’m probably two thirds of the way down my list when the yelling starts. Before I know what’s happening a guy tears down the aisle I’m in and flies past me. I was aware of someone yelling out ‘stop him’ but my instinct was to stand aside. No way I could stop him and I did not want to get injured myself though none of that came into my head instantly – it was pure reflex to get the heck out of his way.

So much screaming, so much running. The staff were amazing. They barricaded the entrance with a trolley snake and ran along the ends of the aisles, yelling, til he was hemmed in. Like police they had him lie face down, then four of them dragged him to the delivery bay, at the side of the shop away from those of us stuck near the checkouts.

Running stopped but yelling continued, from him.  That drug crazed sound that comes from the locked room off St Vinnie’s Emergency, on a Saturday night…so scary, so sad.

Those of us locked in the shop all seem to float along, continue taking things from shelves. Surreally I put my goods on the conveyor belt, enough for today. The cashier scanned them expressionlessly, stopping now and then and staring – ‘is it over?’ and as another worker walked by ‘have the police been called?’. Me ‘I just want to get out of here, I didn’t even finish my shopping’.

A fairly short policeman runs in. Only one? And don’t they have a height code? I seem to be leaving in slow motion, and then I see the crowd in the mall. Do they want to shop or were they watching and listening? Surely that barricade will stay up for a while yet, til the policeman has done what he came for.

I imagine reinforcements are on the way…

Great team work by the supermarket staff. Well done.




29 thoughts on “apparently I needed something real to be anxious about

  1. oh gosh, scary Annie, life is very calm down here away from the big city … hope you have had a nice cup of tea and taken some deep breaths!

  2. I pop in to find you’ve had a some unpleasant excitement. So glad you weren’t hurt and people in the market acted quickly. Some days we can without excitement.

  3. The joy of city living, thank goodness for your instinct to step aside!

  4. Whoa! The universe does seem to be telling you something… but what? The new format is great, btw. Except… what’s a girl gotta do to make it onto the side panel! 😉 I’m about 2/3 of the way through the list… wonderful!

    • Yes what what is it telling me??

      Thanks re new format – I like it too 🙂

      That side panel – it’s something in widgets, or appearance or something and it doesn’t let you choose shows your newest ones at the top and just a number that you choose..

      • Interesting… I love playing around with my blog format. I keep thinking I should really try an entirely new “theme” but haven’t yet! Yours looks great, nice to change it up! 🙂

        • Thanks Dawn.

          I wish there were a way to choose the ones from who you follow that show – I think you can show up to 50 but that makes just too many (I’ve played around).

          It means I’ve been following you longer than any that show 😉

          Yes play around a bit – it lets you ‘preview’ the new theme before changing everything over…I was a bit nervous about that happening and not liking it!

  5. Glad you’re okay physically. How are you feeling? Things like this tend to shake me up a bit.

  6. I use to live in the inner city and I don’t miss this kind of trouble at all, give me crows and cows any day. Annie I am thankful you are okay, sad story but it does happen all over the world.

  7. how awful for you… 😦

  8. Wow! Well that made shopping way less boring!

  9. Good golly, this is why I hate grocery shopping! Bravo store employees!

    • Yep – online deliveries for me! Sometimes you just have to go and look though..or need something fast.

      I’m going to have to go again today because I didn’t get everything I needed! But I’m going to a little local shop…

  10. My supermarket trips are never that exciting 😉 I’m so glad you stepped out of his way – there is no way I’d stand in front of a maniac trying to get out of a supermarket (it’s bad enough shopping with hubby).
    I used to see people like this when I lived in the city but it’s not as bad in the country areas – everyone does things very slowly. What a day you had. Time for a wine or a nice cup of tea 😀

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