I think we’re on a countdown


I’ve been awol a few days. Life, you know… and so now there’s way too much of the written word for me to catch up on. I’m sorry about that but for a minute there I actually thought I wouldn’t be back at all.

Darkness outside, lighter within – I want to write now because I’m sure I won’t tomorrow.

We’ll farewell you tomorrow mon oncle. It’s going to get messy. My little mummy is very sad, and me…I cry at tv commercials so it’s going to be a many tissued event. We’ll do our best. We’ll be there.

And then there was one.




22 thoughts on “I think we’re on a countdown

  1. Thinking of you, losing someone is so hard. It’s ok to cry, it’s perfectly natural (I cried at Kylie and Jason’s wedding, so who am I to talk?!)

  2. I understand, I lost my brother last month.


  3. (((((Hugs))))) for you and your family

  4. Please know how much my thoughts are with you and I send you much love, my beautiful friend.

  5. You are in my thoughts.

  6. Sorry to hear Annie. Best of luck in the days ahead. I have been wondering where you were.

  7. Annie sorry to hear of your loss and hope the sun will shine for you soon, blessings and virtual hugs.

  8. Oh Annie, my thoughts are with you R x


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