carpe diem – emptiness


carpe diem #391 -dainichiji


wandering the path

no thoughts, no self, emptiness

meditation walk



20 thoughts on “carpe diem – emptiness

  1. Andrea Tyrrell


  2. I’ll shall try and fall into that bliss when shoveling the show…one shovel full at a time…
    And maybe the marshmallows to fill a cup of hot chocolate…
    ~cheers Jules

    • The marshmallows sound good.

      I hope you have a deep bath, and some salts for your muscles…I have never experienced snow but I can imagine how hard it is physically on you!

      • The fluffy stuff you can push with a broom isn’t a problem.
        It’s they heavy wet stuff, especially after the city plow comes through and blocks your driveway…again.

        We’ve got a double wide. And I had to get at least one path through the sidewalk and one width of a car…As my car lives in the single car garage. Tougher when hubby isn’t home. Sometimes the chickedees (our grown ones) come and help. But now that they are out of the nest and have their own nests…

        A soothing bath sounds very nice right about now.

        Think of having to move buckets full of wet sand…similar enough I think. I’ll live. Thanks.
        Normally we don’t get this much snow being low and on the other side of the mountains in southwestern, Pennsylvania.

  3. So hard to achieve, hopefully I’ll walk that path one day πŸ˜‰

  4. I would like to walk this path and to write such awesome haiku

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    I’m sure I’ll never master this meditation thing: My mind is always whirling, never still!

    Temple of the Winds

  6. thank you for the meditation moment.

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