NOT fishing, just talking to myself ; a rat in a horse year


Some good years went by, and now I’m that sort of person I saw back then – beyond making a match. I’m never going to have another partner. There are so many reasons why and I’m honest with myself about it.

I could happily be a crazy cat lady actually. Laptop, cats and me – yep, all good.

I still have to talk a bit though, while I work I must talk. Often times, even at this ripe old age, I wish I could suck the words back in as soon as the letters leak out. Can I remember not to be so free with my thoughts the next time?  Can I stop embarrassing myself. 

Let all rodents get through this horse year and then this little ratty will indulge in a bit of hermitry. Really time I found my cave 🙂




10 thoughts on “NOT fishing, just talking to myself ; a rat in a horse year

  1. There is great value in learning to be content in any situation. I’m a rabbit, although some books say I’m a cat. They seem to be interchangeable. As a child I wanted to be a horse!

  2. Dear Annie, my sweet husband came along when I thought I was past the age/time of romance/partnering. I told him I was already happy, didn’t need him to make me happy, and was glad to welcome him into my life to enhance the happy. Almost ten years later, so far, so good. By the way, I am a horse…never have quite understood what that means! lol xoxoM

    • Thank you Margarita, not just the age though – I notice characteristics of confirmed singledom 😉

      As a horse I’m pretty sure you should have a good year !!

      • Take joy in your confirmed singledom today, Annie. Don’t let it slip between your fingers unloved or unappreciated. The one thing we can absolutely rely on in life, I’ve noticed, is change. 😉

        I hope it’s a good year – feels like I’m due one of better than keeping my head above water. Although that’s pretty good, too! xoxoM

  3. kathunsworth

    Love thy self and all else falls into place. I say never say never Annie no matter the age, BUT I also say I would rather live on my own than with the wrong person and did for a very long time until I met my best friend and hubby…..

  4. I think I’m a Fire Rooster (or a cooked chook at the moment) 😉

    I wish I could suck words back sometimes, but they’re said for a reason 😀

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