other people’s stories


Twelve people came to our office yesterday to learn.

People watching is often interesting but condensed like that I found it good for mindfulness. Good for realising that everyone has something going on. All these bodies walking around with their own insecurities and challenges.

Two were late. One because he slept in – I know him. The other told me during a break that he’d first gone to our old location – quite a walk out of his way early in the morning.

Phones on silent but one call taken outside, and from her end of the conversation I know that her car had broken down this morning.  And after picking her up and delivering her to us, her daughter was now dealing with mechanics, tow trucks…

Before we all parted company one, way too young to have three children surely, told me her youngest had thrown up in the car on the early morning drive and so…she was looking up buses on the net/phone. The car was going to need some detox time.

Too easy to get caught up in my head with this and that disturbing me. Everyone has something going on, everyone has a story to tell.

Every single sentient being’s story is important.

Light a candle tonight at 8pm (AEDT) out of respect for refugees / asylum seekers #LIGHTTHEDARK 



20 thoughts on “other people’s stories

  1. I love this. It’s so true… when we sit for a minute and watch, there is so much to see.

  2. This is so true – everyone has something going on. It’s a special person who can work with the public and be compassionate. That would be you, Annie.

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for posting~

  4. Annie everyone does have a story, thats what makes the world go round and when we stop caring….. it will stop.

  5. electronicbaglady

    Lovely perspectives!

  6. Wow Annie, this really brings home the need for mindfulness.


    • It really struck me on the day Robert, how little I think of what’s going on around me in the room! That was only a few of those present…the others kept their stories in quietly 😉

  7. This is why I love reading blogs – there are so many stories and everyone has something happening (good or bad) at any time, day or night, city or country 😀

  8. thanks Annie for this reminder of everyone’s story, we all struggle, we all love, we all want to be happy, to have the daily necessities, and the candle vigil, so much change needed there that must come from our compassion …

  9. Yes, mindfulness is so useful to society as a whole.Imagine if more people conscientiously decided that stepping back, listening and respecting was the best behaviour ever? 😀

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