late sunday night – thinking in the tub


It’s been a long time between baths and aren’t they just wonderful!

I just lay there letting my bones soak up the added magnesium, and listening to an audiobook for a while. Contemplated the line of green at my feet. Are bath related things green to make us think of the sea? The frangipani candle is in a green tin; there’s a pattern of light green and pink bows around the tiny china soap dish; green granules of lemongrass scented relaxation; and the mandarin shampoo comes in a dark green bottle.

I silence Wayne Dyer when I can’t hear him over the waterfall of warmth – refilling, reheating… Instead I start my nightly prayers right there. First I express so much gratitude to the Buddha for leaving a life of luxury to discover and teach the path. Gratitude and respect. And then, the actual prayers are private, specific prayers for my children, my mother, workmates, myself, and others that are on my mind at any given time – a fellow blogger and her son across the country; a softly spoken asylum seeker I know, whose outrageous legal costs amount to nothing short of paying the boat man if you ask me; and then all sentient beings…

Why is it that being immersed in still, warm liquid is so soothing? I start to think about Schapelle. I think she’s innocent. I didn’t always. Anyway it’s time she was allowed to heal. Her sister was interviewed tonight and spoke of Schapelle’s strength in surviving the last ten years, but also of how it’s changed her. Have we stopped to realise that the sister has been through a lot herself in that time? I heard maturity, intelligence, compassion and tiredness in that emotional voice – will that change the public’s perspective of her? For years we’ve heard her screaming at the media as she dashed in and out of the jail on what must have been often horrific visits. I found myself impressed by that sister tonight and I wish them both well.

Plug out.




19 thoughts on “late sunday night – thinking in the tub

  1. I think warm, rocking, soothing water may take us back to the womb…maybe…
    Diana xo

  2. Annie I might unplug for awhile too, that way you can give gratitude and wish others well. I hope your world is peaceful and in harmony something we all need.

    • It’s a big old bumpy roller coaster Kath, both at home and at work – striving for peace and harmony every day. I glimpse it in bits 😉

      Enjoying the rain and cooler weather these last couple of days…it slows things down.

      Wishing you well xx

  3. This sent me scurrying to google Schapelle. Horrific story. From all I read she just as easily could be innocent as guilty. It seems the Indonesian govt (in ways that didn’t at all surprise me) refused a lot of things that could have helped her – like checking the fingerprints of the bag, etc. When things like this happen, and like Lindy Chamberlain, I wonder about karma of course, of what was chosen to be ‘learned’ this lifetime, but my compassion for people in such situations is endless. Heartbreaking.
    Lovely post though 🙂

    • Not to mention the tidal wave of karmic lessons for so many around her..

      It fascinates me – and yet we’ll probably never know for sure. I just feel that someone would have let it slip by now if she were guilty, how can so many stay silent for so long?

  4. It’s wonderful to take that time out to reflect and relax, Annie. There is an awful lot to think about as well as be grateful for. I heard on the news today that Mercedes is being called in by the Indonesian Govt for something she said. I just wish they would leave them alone and let Schapelle enjoy her freedom. Let it all be over xxx

  5. These moments are precious, thank you for sharing this one Annie 🙂


  6. You made me drowsy. I will look up Schapelle. I’m glad you had some time to yourself!

  7. That’s an awful story. So she’s out of prison (gasp!) but can’t go home to Australia till 2017? That’s terrible!

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