just another saturday night – how was yours?


Sleep sleep where are you. I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours now. If jetlag is like this I can’t do it.

Typed for three hours straight this morning tap tap tapped up a meeting. Got into bed tonight, got comfy…then off to ER with youngest in pain. UC monster reminding her what well for now means. Three and a half hours, two painkillers and a bag of iv fluids later we’re home.


In the ER waiting room it went like this….

Head smashed with glass I don’t know where the car is. I smoke marijuana. Don’t smoke tobacco or go in the sun your scar will heal better. – young guy, so much blood.

Hi my car was towed tonight, my house keys are in it any chance I can swing by when I leave the hospital and get them. From your holding area yeah can we drive by Alexandria honey, it’s near Mascot you know. Yeah they’re under the airbag that blew out. – this from the guy up the back with his arm splinted, and the skinny girlfriend.

You all need to leave now. They’ve totally fucked me up and you need to get out. You can heal yourselves. You, you’re special, you will kill for sala. She – can heal herself. You know what to do. You two – you’re already fucked, your dead. – this from the guy with pee all down the front of his pants and booze fumes almost igniting as he shared his wisdom and warnings with the rest of the walking wounded we spent most of the beginning of sunday with, waiting.

A parade of crazies, drunk or otherwise. Four huge security guards who can only travel in a pack.

And the woman inside ‘are you allergic to any medications’ ‘OF COURSE’ then a long long list…

And this I observed despite being tired when I arrived, gripped by anxiety – keep it together! she’s the patient! Am I going to faint right here, is my bp low (feel pulse in neck – repeatedly), do I have low blood sugar. Do I need to eat. Do I need to lie down. That’s enough fluid isn’t it let’s go home. How’s your pain. Can we go home now.

11.30 pm – 3.10am




22 thoughts on “just another saturday night – how was yours?

  1. big hugs to you love. you are strong enough for this. sleep now.
    alison xoxox

  2. Not fun! Holy Smokes. I hope you both get sleep tonight. HUGS
    Diana xo

  3. Isn’t the E.R. a nightmare. So glad to hear your youngest is ok. That US monster must mean you are used to emergency dashes to the E.R. It must so worrying for you (and such excruciating pain for your daughter). Hope she is feeling much better now.

    Hope you got some good sleep later in the day, Annie.

    And yes, Jetlag can be worse for some people. Others sail through long plane flights without even the faintest hint of discomfort or sleep loss.

  4. unfetteredbs

    Hang in there! Hope you get done sleep. At least the ER is somewhat entertaining

  5. I’m so sorry, Annie. I really hope she is feeling better now.

    It’s a nightmare in ER. I was there Tuesday night/Wednesday morning with hubby. He went in by ambulance and that saved us the shit wait in Emergency. Tuesday night is better than Saturday night (not as many drunks) but it’s still very stressful. I eventually got to sleep about 10pm Wednesday night and have been exhausted ever since. He’s still there and should be home Tuesday (pancreatitis – a recurring result of his cancer a few years ago). Meanwhile his dad was also taken to hospital on Wednesday (found out yesterday he has bowel cancer, but it’s operable). What a bloody week!

    Lets just sit back and hope next week is better xxx

    • Wow yep you’ve had a week!

      Next time I’ll call an ambulance – for one thing I had to leave her to go park while she was doubled in pain and not being seen grrr. She’s at risk of pancreatitis and liver issues from her meds so we have to go when there’s that much pain.

      Hope your husband is feeling better – is your father in law nearby?

      • I wrote this last night and this morning thought – this post isn’t about me, it’s about Annie and your daughter! I feel like I was whinging about my life – forgive me 🙂

        Absolutely call an ambulance if she’s sick again because they treat her straight away with pain relief even before she gets to the hospital.

        Hubby was so sick a few years back that I just call an ambulance now and if I got sick I’d probably do the same. I don’t know how many times I sat in ER when I was younger with the kids etc waiting for hours. I’d never do it again. I found out when I called the ambulance last week that they’re free in QLD (when I say ‘free’ I mean they take a small amount every time you pay an electricity bill in QLD and it’s ambulance cover Australia wide). I was really happy about that because we don’t have private health insurance anymore and because we live on a farm I thought it would cost us a fortune to get him there. I don’t know why they don’t have this in other states.

        Anyway – hubby’s feeling a lot better and will be home tomorrow. Father-in-Law is in Brisbane hospital and his operation is on Wednesday.

        How is your daughter going now?

        • No I’m so glad you shared Dianne! As you know it helps to know others understand, and to think outside of ourselves at times so to know you’ve been going through it the same week…connection x

          She’s fine again, comes and goes and let’s just hope not too often.

          I’ve taken on board your ambulance advice – there’s a chance they’d have given her something and we wouldn’t have had to even leave the house. Also important for her to do that if out on her own…

          Hope the operation today is fast and helpful. And that your husband is feeling more comfortable x

  6. what a nightmare … catch up on your sleep now, I am so glad we live in the country where we do not have to manage quite as much devastation in Casualty …

    • Thank you 🙂

      Yes a smaller hospital casualty would be a bit easier. We live right near one of NSW’s major ones as you know – have to be grateful for her access to an amazing specialist but going in via ER is never fun!

  7. What a weekend!…hope you can catch up on zzzz. What an amazing job the medics do. Julia

  8. Annie I am thinking of you and hope your week got a little better the anxiety would double under the stress of worrying about your daughter. The emergency rooms even in the country are a wretched place to take children and I cannot imagine how stressful if your daughter was in severe pain. Blessings to you both and I am praying the peace comes, anxiety sucks big time and you get rid of it knowing it is not finished with you xxx I am hoping it leaves soon.

  9. Been a long time, but I remember the ER. Late Saturday nights are always the strangest.

    Thinking of you.

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