clock back one hour


Here’s something weird.

I’m sitting on the couch. The front window is open barely two inches – enough for the tiniest fresh wind to find me, and the pattern of the constant dripping rain to bring rest to my soul.

Now I hear church bells! How many years have I lived here and never heard them?! Clearly I have never been awake this early on a Sunday.  The change to daylight savings, and the addition of a Sunday carer (needing to be let in) means I’m alive at a whole new time of day.

The big kids sleep out the back and that must be a regular soundbreak to them. My cluttered room is at the front. I only hear the drunks go home, late on a Friday and Saturday night…



7 thoughts on “clock back one hour

  1. Ben Franklin once woke up early in the morning in Paris and was shocked by how much of a day people lost sleeping…wonder what he’d think about our age?

  2. George Vernon Hudson is credited with first proposing DST. He wanted to have more daylight to study bugs.

  3. Annie it was your gift on that day, never stop appreciating the little gifts we receive however so small.

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