embracing impermanence


I love the rain.

A curtain of goodness cleanses my soul, and the footpath.  Then, as quickly as it started, it’s done. 

I was looking forward to dreaming to that sound, drifting off. 

Sleep is not far away anyway – insomnia has moved on to another house.

Huge changes afoot for the rest of this year.  Life will never be the same.

I can hardly believe I get to escape to the beach house again soon. I can feel that peace in advance.

I can hardly believe I am going to Ireland! Several thatched cottages of potato eating ancestors are pulling me home. 

I can hardly believe I’ll be parent of the bride this year. Son in law will officially be son in law.

I can’t believe the little one is moving to America. Taking her uncooperative bowel and a truckload of meds with her. Pray with me that she stays well, and that she doesn’t stay long. 

A lot of changes for one little old mum. 


May all beings be well and happy.



20 thoughts on “embracing impermanence

  1. love your thoughts and words.

  2. Annie we cannot stand in the way of time and changes, we must embrace it all, as hard as that may sound. Change is good. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to one of my favourite countries Ireland, you will embrace it also. PS I love the rain too, especially on a corrugated roof, although I am ready for some sunshine to warm these arthritic cold bones lol.

    • Corrugated roof would be lovely – I’ll take it on the paved courtyard here…

      I don’t think much sunshine is in our future for a while Kath!

      Yep change is good, lots of it coming 🙂

  3. Tears of happiness from heaven 🙂


  4. My you be well and happy, Annie. So much to look forward to 😀

  5. Change is inevitable, just like Melbourne’s weather is predictably UNpredictable.

    Pleased to hear your daughter is getting adventurous (with the trip to America) – it’s not easy to find courage through her serious health condition and set off on an adventure overseas. I do so hope no medical emergencies crop up.

    Almost wish I was going to Ireland too. It’s one place I haven’t been to and every time I see a film set in Ireland, I regret not visiting when I lived in the UK in 1978/79. Looks beautiful. Hope you’ll post lots of images when you get there.

    • Sorry you didn’t get to Ireland Vicki – yes no doubt lots of photos either during or after trip (it’s not til July but so much going on it’ll be here in a sec)

      And yes, wonderful that the little one is well enough – when first diagnosed of course we had no idea what to expect but I’d never have thought something like this was in her future…

  6. Here I stand acting like a silly clown,
    I don’t know why, Would anybody like to try
    The changes I’m going through?

    From a Scotsman … Donovan

  7. It’s all scarey when it starts to change suddenly, but all good things for you. I”m so thrilled. I can’t wait to hear about how much you loved Ireland.. I’d go back in a heartbeat.. now just to win lotto so i can afford it lol

  8. You have my prayers. Life is always about change and about handling it gradually, gracefully, gratefully. How’s about a big virtual hug? That always works for me! 🙂

  9. The adventure of life, Annie, unfolding for you and your family. How lovely! xoxoM

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