who had a meltdown?


The Daily Post : Five Posts to Write Right Now


Screamed like a banshee

Builders blocking the back lane

Renovate or die


Seems like, since I moved here 20 years ago (that’s right TWENTY omg), someone in earshot has been renovating continuously. It’s the Paddington affliction apparently. Buy an old house rip out it’s gizzards. There surely can’t be many left needing a hammer and drill?

In the past year, four in the back lane have been ‘done’. And we’ve all survived. But this last one, current one…hey renovate all you like but don’t block my driveway, don’t mess with me.

I made an ugly phone call to the wrong person to express my displeasure without listening – the receiver’s expressed innocence just background rhubarb to my fumes.



9 thoughts on “who had a meltdown?

  1. the same everywhere one goes – more more more = less less less planet

  2. Oh my (smiling) I hope things go back to normal.. I mean become quiet, at least for a time…
    Diana xo

  3. Oh dear Annie, even more reason for a break at the beach 🙂

  4. Ripping the guts out of beauitful old buildings? Should be a law against it!

    • I can’t even imagine how many have been ruined Dianne. I consider the one we live in to be included in that! The local council has a strict policy on the front of the house remaining original but you can do what you like inside far as I know…

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