the karma of this lifetime


Explain this karma to me. How can people be born in such very different conditions. How can they be happy in theirs. How can I not in mine?





9 thoughts on “the karma of this lifetime

  1. It’s possible, isn’t it, that the karma of unhappy circumstances keeps returning because, to some extent, we are holding on to it?

  2. Great clip and song. I hadn’t heard it before.
    It would be so easy to get along with each other……from one side of the planet to the other.

    Seems as though the easier things are (to happen), the harder it is (to let them happen).

  3. Annie Love the song and we all have the power in us to change things, it all starts in our mindset and ripples out from the heart and soul.

  4. […] And yes, I know there are those out there for whom having sex is no party for various reasons. So sad what humans can do to one another. Here’s another chance to sing  that song from the other post… […]

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