where would you go


I’ve had times when I couldn’t walk to the letter box, and I travelled all over in my mind, through other wanderer’s words and photos never expecting that to change.

I’ve ticked Japan off my imaginary list – was the first place, and for the longest time only, that I really really had to go… 

Over time I’ve found a couple of places, that I didn’t even know I wanted to be, are magic and now deep in my psyche. Fields of  longing…to be there again. To stay when I arrive. 

So, I can’t list the top 5 places that I’ve always wanted to visit – the list changes as I age, and as I discover the world’s corners slowly, and unexpectedly.

Here’s my current thoughts :

  1. Ireland – in July and August I will stand where my ancestors stood. There’ll be lots of photos, and no doubt tears 😉
  1. I’d like to revisit Japan, Italy and USA – yes dear reader I KNOW that’s three 🙂 but I made up my own rules and added a subcategory.
  1. Greece – ancient buildings to stand in awe of. 
  1. Lots of this country that I haven’t seen – for example Ayers Rock/Uluru.
  1. Tibet, Nepal, India – another cluster, and I just think it’s all too late in this life for me to get there…

Everywhere is a long way from Australia! Unless a few things in life change I believe it’ll be Ireland, America and that’s it for this list other than local jaunts. Things do change though, don’t they 😉








12 thoughts on “where would you go

  1. Do go to Uluru. It’s expensive (accommodation etc) but extraordinary and worth it. On the blog search Uluru and you’ll get to our post about it. I guess it will have to wait til after Ireland, but I really recommend it 🙂
    Have a wonderful fabulous time in Ireland. It’s been on my list since I was 14! I’ll get there one day.

  2. Your part of the world, Annie, is one that’s always beckoned to me…maybe someday! xoxoM

  3. Uluru is amazing. You’d love it.. and of course, i can’t wait to hear what you think of Ireland.. I’ve no doubt you’re going to be as emotional as I was. I so wish I was going with you. I want to be back there. Oh and by the way…. It’s never too late.. Believe it and you’ll do it.. 🙂

    • It would be great to go together – maybe next time. My trip will be quite different from yours…I believe you have more get up and go than me from reading your posts 🙂

      I’ll be with adult daughter and son in law for part of it, possibly sister for some of it, and alone for some…I’m not getting to call all the shots if you know what I mean so it’s changed tone from when I first planned it. It’ll be good though of course!

      Thinking of doing a memoir writing course when I get back – interested?

      And….maybe Japan next year??

  4. Ahhh… I hope ye get ter see all of this ‘n more, luv.

  5. yes I agree go to Uluru and Katajuta, soak it up 🙂 India Tibet and Nepal would be hard … we found it challenging almost ten years ago … Ireland will be brilliant! did you see my post on visiting where my ancestor came from? http://dadirridreaming.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/irish-connections/

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