bloglovin – NOT loving it


Anyone know about this?

Apparently my blog is listed on bloglovin  – though not by me.  Found out randomly by one of the statistics from today.

Going to make my blog private in a bit; and/or delete – thanks for all the love and sorry to any regular readers but that’s just not on… check out your own blogs – just google your blog name and see whether a listing comes up that says you’re on bloglovin.



40 thoughts on “bloglovin – NOT loving it

  1. I just checked. Mine is too.. I think maybe it’s because I’ve commented on a few other people’s blogs perhaps?

    • I don’t think so Livonne but I don’t know – it seems to say you can add someone else’s blog so who knows who did it! And then we have to ‘claim’ it – what if someone else has ?! I don’t want to be on there but if I don’t claim it then what…

  2. mmmm. i didn’t read up on it.. but I’ll have a look see. There’d be hell to pay if someone could claim my blog.. serious hell..

    • Agreed – freaked me out. I’ve written to wordpress support to see what they know.

      If I put this blog on private, or delete to try and sort this out, for example will it still be showing there?!

  3. I’m really not sure.. Let me know what WordPress say.. Hopefully they can shed some light on it

  4. So sorry that you feel invaded as it were. I will miss your words and comments greatly if you decide to move on 😦

    • Thanks Deb but yeah it does make me feel bad. Have you checked the site? It’s like someone else put my whole blog elsewhere – freaky!

      And it says I have 3 followers but they can be anonymous..just makes me wonder, and feel yucky.

      • I can understand. I am set to public on my blog and usually about 1x month get some random and easily marked creepy new like or some such thing. I knew that was the price I would pay and just sort of “deal” with it as things have been okay so far…although I don’t post all that often anymore. I also stopped tagging my posts a long while back and that cut way down on the weird and unnecessary likes and follows. I hope this all comes to a better and safer feeling end for you soon 🙂

        • Thanks Deb – I’ve emailed requesting they remove my blog from their site.

          I do want readers and I expect random likes and so on…and I tag happily but to totally duplicate my blog is not on.

  5. Someone has written an article about it.. the comments are interesting to read..

  6. Looks like some sort of App. Annie.
    I’d be sorry to see you go ‘private’, but do what makes you feel comfortable.

    When I belonged to a Health Forum, I wrote an article which attracted the attention of someone from a porn site. Because they opened my article and read it, it seems I’m forever linked to Porn. Infuriating, but what can one do.

    Once you write ANYTHING online, it can go anywhere. I’m resigned to just accepting it now.


  7. Just an FYI, it just puts your blog in a frame, it isn’t actually duplicating anything.

    It is a weird concept as far as I can tell, but I imagine someone linked your blog to that site to make it easier for them to follow or that that they thought they were doing you a favor — I doubt it was meant to be a problem.

    As far as my blogging goes, I just write post, I don’t worry about how it gets viewed or where because I know that once I post it, the public “owns” it whether I like it or not.

    Please be well, friend!

    • Thanks friend – I see what you mean. I just don’t like the idea of having no control over them choosing to do that. And it displays differently but that’s not the main issue.

      • I think I understand the frustration. I’m just loathe to see one of my favorite blogs evaporate over it. It is a shame that companies like that refuse to take the feelings of others into account…

        • Aw thanks for that sweet comment and support. Bedtime in oz so I’ll put it on private overnight and think about it more tomorrow – might just end up deleting some posts but keeping the blog 🙂

  8. Why not just change your password?

  9. Thanks for the alert! I’ll check it out.

  10. I thought all blogs that have an RSS feed were eligible for bloglovin, because mine couldn’t be seen on Bloglovin until I added the RSS feature. Rather than go silent, maybe you could just take away the RSS feed feature on your WordPress site?

  11. Mine is n there as well and I’ve sent them an email. If I wanted to use Bloglovin’ I would have joined them, but I joined WordPress for a reason and I’m sticking with it. Buzz off Bloglovin!

  12. Mine is on there too who do I email to take it down?

  13. Quote:
    “I just don’t like the idea of having no control over them choosing to do that.”
    It’s what bugs me too. And…even more freaky…lately, a BL personality emailed me after reading my blog post about the site (the one you’ve linked up here, thank you!), trying to convince me to change my opinion. I’m in the process of convincing him myself…to delete (or at least hide) my blog!

  14. I didn’t do it. 😛

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