bloglovin – NOT loving it UPDATE


I’d really appreciate it, if you’re following my blog on ‘bloglovin’ that you switch over to wordpress…


After emailing bloglovin and asking for my blog to be removed from their site (given that I did not give permission for it to be there) they have done so.


Thank you.


Something to note though is that, while I made my blog on wordpress private over night it was still freely available on bloglovin – so, no protection that we think we have on our ‘own’ site !! Just fyi…

I imagine my blog could re-appear on their site at any time so…



15 thoughts on “bloglovin – NOT loving it UPDATE

  1. Thanks for that info, Annie.

    When I set up my 1st new blog a few weeks ago, I started it out as ‘private’, but could see I had some 51 views overnight. I asked a blogging friend (via email) if she could ‘see’ my new blog, but she said she couldn’t open it. So I wonder if those 51 views were through something like ‘Bloglovin’? Who knows.

  2. That’s a bit scary. I checked, though, and my private blog isn’t there. Whew!.

  3. Reblogged this on Dianne Gray author and commented:
    Hi all – Annie posted last night that she found her WP blog on Bloglovin’. I checked mine and it was there as well so I’ve emailed them and told them to remove it as I have not given them permission to publish my work. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I suggest you check your own blogs to see if they are on there. If you have a blog on there you have to ‘claim it as your own’ – in this respect other people can claim your blog (yes – even if it’s in your name)

  4. I read the link from a comment in your last post and there is some pretty bad stuff going on here. Just reposted this on my blog (hope you don’t mind) xxx

    • I don’t mind at all Dianne – good to get the word out there.

      Some people don’t mind of course but I see it as a breach of privacy. Apart from anything else, when I set my blog to private it was still in full view! Not right…

  5. Quote:
    “while I made my blog on wordpress private over night it was still freely available on bloglovin – so, no protection that we think we have on our ‘own’ site !!”
    O_O This is incredible…these people are nuts.

  6. I think there’s a bit of confusion going on here. Bloglovin is not a blogging community like WordPress. It is an RSS reader, like Google Reader used to be. It is just a search engine, designed to appear as if it is a blog publishing site, to make the results more inviting to readers. People use it to simplify reading blogs from everywhere, since authors write and self-publish in more than one community. It’s not a threat to your control over your blog, unless you find the fact that your articles pop up on search engines disconcerting. That said, you can request that they NOT show you as a result. You can request that Google not show you too. However, if you are trying to build readership, it’s shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Thanks Mikey – I’m not confused.

      A reader it may be however you have to list your blog, or someone else (ie someone who’s reading it) and then you can ‘claim’ it?

      I don’t think someone else should be able to list my blog anywhere.

      In terms of ‘control’ – we choose a theme, and layout on wordpress, bloglovin displays it quite differently.

      AND as I’ve said elsewhere – when I set my whole blog to private on wordpress it was still freely showing on bloglovin – how is that not losing control??

  7. The problem with “claiming” is that you have to “join” to do it, and then they have your email, which they can sell to marketers and spammers. Again, just a search engine folks. They can’t alter your content.

  8. I’m pleased you got to the bottom of this Annie, I can understand your concern


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