this happened today


My laptop is resting on tiny fragments of pine cone

The last full day


Sulphur crested cockatoo

And a magpie – settles on a low branch to watch me, ducking its head sideways to make eye contact under the praise the lord leaves

(majestic pine, arms uplifted in evangelical prayer) 


I know you’re there mags 


I don’t want to go home


Sweet sweet voice from the top branches – I don’t know who you are

Or what is moving in the long bamboo…

I know the sound of the waves, and I don’t want to leave it


Crow call and traffic noise – sudden links to my home life


What makes me happy? Birds, water, the bush, photography and writing

Have to find my own happy place and make it the everyday…don’t drift

There’s magic in the wind here…only thing missing is a partner but could I find one who knows not to talk much? Could I even find one! 😉


The tree –

the bird  –








10 thoughts on “this happened today

  1. Really lovely Annie.

  2. I have everything but the water to make you happy.. You should come up for a weekend sometime 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Annie 😀

  4. Annie there nothing more beautiful than a magpies song in the morning, love this post.

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