thought bubble

When he’s ready to leave he asks ‘do you need me anymore?’

Pause. Stare. Where are you power of speech?

He repeats it and I reply ‘always’, ‘but you can go, of course’. And while we both smile he puts his shoes on, and goes. I wish he could stay. It’s better when he’s with me.

I’m in a bubble, swirling, tossed by the waves. I don’t fear it bursting, I’m not in danger but I want it to stop. I’m alone and lonely. Wash me up on the shore. Sand under my feet. Some stability but no control. We’re all at the mercy of karma – change and impermanence. You know it.


10 thoughts on “thought bubble

  1. My eyes are full of tears.

  2. My heart leapt for you when I red this Annie, sending you warm hugs πŸ™‚


  3. Annie sending you hugs and wishing you some good honest company my friend xxx

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