snap – it’s cold


My bones are cold. Winter has taken residence inside my skin. The tree outside the big window is doing it’s mocking dance.

It says ‘this discomfort won’t end anytime soon’. ‘You might as well get used to the ice’. 

And, in keeping with the weather theme, winter loneliness wears a hue all it’s own. Feels harsher, looks bleaker. Snaps all hope.

Time to get the heater out! and give thanks for my yak blankie 🙂


wind of ice drops by

rattles bones rattles psyche

hot bath yak blanket



8 thoughts on “snap – it’s cold

  1. Our winter was rather bleak, Annie. Hope yours is brighter! xoxoM

  2. You’ve had a bad cold snap down there, Annie. I was checking the weather last night because I was cold. Apparently it was 23 here, but I don’t believe it (it felt much cooler than that) so hubby said I should check the southern states to make a comparison. I did and yikes it was cool down there!

  3. Cold & wet down here in Melbourne too, Annie.
    Had to get the winter goosedown doona out of the cupboard and have had the heater on most of the week.

    Seems like we missed Autumn all together. Your weather doesn’t sound much better.

  4. and now…aha…it’s finally warm. 😉

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