who remembers this?


The decades are all mixed up in my dreams. Leannes, Debbies, Joannes, I’m remembering them all. I wake up here but there, now but then.  And it’s hard to reconcile that those Debbie etceteras are 50 too, have had whole lifetimes that don’t exist in my head, or on this page.

I discovered a facebook group, of hometown reminiscing. And these classmates are talking. Of grandchildren, deaths, divorces. Of those who still live in Smalltown and those they wonder about. Those that moved on seemingly have fascinating lives – smoke and mirrors, Smalltown residents. What you don’t know…

The fences of my childhood garden contained my innocence. Seems the town I’ve long wanted to return to wasn’t even there.  I’ve been homesick for a place that never was. Is that the way of childish memories? Imaginative nostalgia.

I’m learning lots, thanks facebook, it’s fun, but the locals have exposed warts and I’m in no rush to move back. Turns out it’s just another town!






10 thoughts on “who remembers this?

  1. It always seems better in our memory..

  2. History is so interesting…especially personal, family history.
    I can only hope to be so remembered!

  3. Rose colored glasses…or possibly we are simply jaded adults who have been exposed to too much and have forgotten what it means to be free, innocent and unencumbered by real life 🙂

  4. ‘They’ say – never go back because you will always be disappointed. From experience I know this to be true.
    Places seem shabbier, buildings seem smaller and we realise we really don’t know the ones who stayed behind, the ones we thought we knew.
    Take care

  5. I caught up with some old ‘friends’ on FB not long ago. In particular my ‘best friend’ who ran off with my ‘boyfriend’ and married him. They’re divorced now 😀

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