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Writing Challenge – blog your block 


I took the big cat to the vet today. It’s been awhile. I’m going to need to board her there while I breathe my ancestors’ air later this year. And they’re going to need her to be vaccinated so…

She does this whole I’m dead routine. Lies flat out on the consultation table – couldn’t even slide a coin under her. Head tucked in. The big cat has white coat syndrome. Maybe she’s meditating. Breathing in, breathing out. Her heart rate is chill apparently. 

She’s 14. The only other cat we met is 22! What the? Wow, well done human keeping him alive all that time. His human uses her backpack like a baby sling – cat carrier. He’s living the dream, out for a block walk. 

That surgery is spotless. No smell. No dust. Not a hair out of place. Two cats in our house and it’s hair city!

Even though it wasn’t traumatic – I mean the vet gave her a massage and used a goo goo voice at her – when we got home the big cat flew up to the attic to show me what she thought of the outing. Spent the rest of the day up there. The ‘safe’ room of her first days with us…





8 thoughts on “blog your block – blog the room

  1. I love the ‘I’m dead’ routine. I wish my German Shepard would do that instead of screaming like a spoiled brat and trying to bite the vet! 😉

    • Ha ha ha! The first time she ever did it though there was major panic in the vet’s office as they thought she was at death’s door!

      Big cat = Sally Field in the feline world of actors 🙂

  2. She sounds gorgeous Annie, mine go all shy and take days to get over such a day. They are use to the quiet life.

  3. I guess a cat that plays dead is better (for the vet) than a cat who hisses and scratches. Sounds like Kitty is into passive resistance. 🙂

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