Ever since I read this I’ve been wanting to do a list post. I love lists – who doesn’t? Life just runs better with a list. Or two. Then, every time I started, I bored myself silly! Really? I can’t come up with an interesting list?

I’m doing it anyway 😉


I wish I could list my work day. I don’t want to divulge where I while away the 9 – 5  but there are some truly bizarre moments in each day. I doubt you’d believe it anyway. Something surprises us every week, years into the role. 


Instead I’ll list the people I spoke to today – with voice



mother’s carer

my assistant

a director


another volunteer

third volunteer

last volunteer in for the day

two postal workers

checkout chick

woman in lift



another daughter

another sister


To rephrase that…


offspring, employee, co-worker, work superior, 4 casuals, 3 sales staff, shopper, siblings, parent, child o’ mine 


More than some days, not a huge variety, number of people does not reflect the amount of time in this one day spent chit chatting. Or, the feelings thinking of each of those people evokes hours later. Or, the emotions aftermath of each conversation – some quite unexpected.  

And let’s not even start on the emails! Communication without voice – huge chunk of everyday.





7 thoughts on “listing

  1. I find it interesting that I ‘feel’ the depth of a connection.


  2. You have a very busy day, where I live sometimes my list is very short, no neighbours, I don’t work and so the internet is my connection and if I look at it that way….wow I am speaking to people from all over the globe Annie.

    • So good to read other’s perspectives as I often think I barely speak to anyone all day!

      Online is a different matter and I’ll be meeting one of my best friends for the first time in person when I go to US. We’ve first ‘met’ online at least 15 years ago! (I’m going to US briefly later this year)

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