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There’s a very weak, tiny patch of sunlight in the side garden. I was lured out to sit in it but turned out I had to sit right up against the basement skylight, and tilt my head that way, to just catch it. Attempt to get my fifteen minutes of Vitamin D thwarted today.

Apparently it’s a thing in Australia. Vitamin D deficiency. We’ve been indoctrinated into staying out of the sun, avoid skin cancer. Now we are being re-educated that we need 15 mins a day to avoid osteoporosis. It’s a fine line isn’t it. The health juggle. Anyway, no luck for me in the garden today. I’ll have to replenish my bone cells another day… must remember! 

My son in law has made an amazing garden out the back. Even so, I don’t want to stay here. The gingers have gone feral – absolutely wild! When he planted he told me they’d grow upwards and give privacy from the apartments behind us. They’ve grown out and down. It’s all good, we got some of the much desired (by me) privacy with other plants, and the gingers are just spectacular. I still don’t want to stay here. In the back lane, birds have taken up residence in the council planted trees with a vengeance. Their voices joined in choir are just soul lifting. And for that I am indescribably grateful, my joy overflows but I’d still rather move… I can see the city buildings through that gap in the trees. The roofs of the street behind us, one corrugated iron between two old fashioned slate tiled. Iron roof functional, financially the better option, but mmm fugly.

I walk back in to the kitchen, to look through the back doors at the garden and try to imagine I’m seeing it for the first time. A friend visited yesterday and I’m being her. I see a lot of dead foliage – did she think it messy? It’s his idea of art. When a palm frond drops from the top its beauty isn’t over – it’s moved to a different part of the courtyard, and is decorative. 

The big cat is pacing. Hoping on hope to get outside herself. Not today sweet thing. I can live without the worry of imposed home time which cats don’t respect. Dusk becomes the witching hour and once passed the feline is out for the night. On the prowl. So today, with no one else home, I’m keeping you safe. 

My back hurts. I should go for a walk but something in the lower back is complaining. Instead I might just curl up on the couch and sleep for a bit. I haven’t done that in a while actually – it used to be a common occurrence. I have two hours before I need to think about mother’s dinner and I haven’t been sleeping well at night. 

I’ve done all I need to do today, and a little extra. So why not zzzzzzzzzzz.






10 thoughts on “mind monologue

  1. We have a serious problem with Vit. D too… I found an amazing supplement and finally brought mine back up…. yay! But, gardens are a much healthier way to do it… even while you were trying to avoid yours, I loved reading this!

  2. I am there with you in spirit Annie 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed this trip into your thoughts!
    Diana xo

  4. Thanks for sharing the moments, I am vitamin D deficient too and try to roll up the sleeves on my walk in the mornings. Hope you had a nice rest, usually my cat would sit on me and wake me up if left inside. Happy week Anne.

  5. I used to be Vit D deficient until I moved to the farm, now I’ll probably end up looking like a wrinkled old bag! 😉

    You deserved a bit of a curl up on the lounge. I do it sometimes and it’s a great refresher. I really hope the rest of your week goes well xxx

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