where ocean meets sky


The Daily Post : A room with a view 


Ah, how can I describe it in words for you.

There’s a point, just passed half way there, when the road becomes a colonial bush painting and the mood of your day becomes holiday. From there onwards it’s all om.  It’s not that it’s an easy drive by any means, there’s the ‘bends’ all twists and narrow turns, low visibility, hurtling buses and lycra deathwish men. Add the irrational speed limit changes, three lanes to one, pedestrians on akuna matata – watch out for them. Native wildlife meanders at home – the road to paradise is littered with road kill! 

By the time you pull into the driveway, of what looks like any suburban house in the street, your breathing has slowed, shoulders relaxed. My face is a smile for however many days my allotted time is… 

It’s not my house but the minute I walk through the front door I’m home. It’s like I’m surrounded by hug. I’ve felt that from day one – when we went through on an open house inspection, pre-auction. A sharp, sudden intake of breath, a hug, smile…home.  Totally safe here. My happy place.

You have to turn your head to the right and there’s the sea. Nothing else matters. You can sit anywhere in that room, on one of the wicker chairs, either of the armchairs, any chair at the dining table, or let the couch welcome you…you’ll be drawn to the horizon, where ocean meets sky. 

I’ve often wondered how long you’d have to live there to take that view for granted. Go about your daily life without really noticing. I doubt it could happen. When I’m staying a few days, other than the joy of birdwatching, the ocean is the thing…I pretend to read, might turn the tv on now and then for rhubarb, but my eyes, my mind barely leave the water. Hypnotically addictive – it calms, it heals, it clears out all the debris.





13 thoughts on “where ocean meets sky

  1. This is SO lovely! I have an ocean view from nearly every room, and I can say with no hesitation, I have NEVER taken it for granted. Each day, I stop and truly enjoy it! However, when I visit my aunt’s home… that’s where I feel that hug, and I totally relax. You captured it so perfectly, Annie. 😉

  2. I’ve asked myself that question since I shifted to the mountains.. I’ve been here 6 years and am still in awe when I look at the views.. hopefully I’ll never lose that sense of wonder..

  3. I would love to be there right now…sigh

  4. Wonderful 🙂 All I want to do is come to your house and see the view too 🙂

  5. One day, Annie, I will be close enough to be able to walk to the water.

  6. Annie I see mountains every day and they never cease to take my breath away, each day is so different.

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