now That’s a friendship :-)


Ever since hot water fixing guy did his thing the shower temperature has varied from, nah, really? it’s winter!, to welcome to the hellfires of damnation, in less than a tap manoeuvre.  I manage to get it to just hotter than ok, stretch my arms up and palms turned to the flow, and the water swirls around me just as the thoughts in my head.

I guess this prompt has me thinking about Ali. I remember one day she said to me ‘you have a lot of anger’ and I instantly snapped back ‘I DO NOT’ ha ha ha way to out yourself anger… I didn’t continue the conversation. I would like to know why I have the anger though Ali, and what to do about it. I do want peace inside.

(I know I know meditate, practice Dharma more deeply)

Ali loved to talk. And I would listen on and on. She was also the queen of self-analysis, and on reflection, a few years past being able to talk face to face with her, she was pretty damn good at it. And at reading others. I could use some of that wisdom now Al. 

At least I can now say I am finally losing the weight Al, and walking again. ‘I’m going to say something to you, and you’re not going to like it. You’ve put on rather a lot of weight round the middle. Why aren’t you walking? You love to walk’. I’m walking Ali 🙂

miss that girl…now That’s a friendship 🙂


my letter to a dear friend

a milestone of sorts



2 thoughts on “now That’s a friendship :-)

  1. That IS a friendship, Annie! 😉 xoxoM

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