small town of the south


That’s as cold as I ever want to be. The cramps in my calf, and my traps screamed heart failure and yet, back in familiar climes, all is well. Anxiety monster latches on to anything and feeds. 

Anyhoo…we sprinted from car to gallery and, burst through the door with flourish, turning all heads within. Eyes up from coffees and breakfasts, to assess the newly arrived. Bizarrely, to my right and glimpsed in peripheral vision (do Not make eye contact and it didn’t happen), playing guitar is the food blessing waiter from last night! Different venue, very different role – same clothes but hey I don’t have a problem with that. Just a real Fawlty Towers moment. 

I believe this town runs on people in single digits. The manicurist’s friend owned the lunch restaurant, worked in the dinner venue, served in tomorrow’s lunch spot. She surely must know this singing peace sign sharer as well. He showed no surprise at our explosive entrance, or at seeing us at all – just flashed a V with two fingers between strums on our way out. No eye contact on way in, I flashed a smile to his V, rock on he returned without a change of facial expression. 

And then the long drive, not home til the fog lifts.


Small town of the south

Misty organic paddocks

One winter visit




8 thoughts on “small town of the south

  1. Annie I love it, I remember a time when I went to Ireland and we visited this castle. The man at the gate who sold us our tickets was also in the gift shop and then the little coffee shop, we laughed and wondered was it a set of triplets running the show. Love your writing style in this post.

    • Thanks Kath. So funny that sort of thing isn’t it 🙂 Seeing the waiter next morning!

      Just trying to not ‘tell’ the story in journal form…not sure what works really.

      By the way, we weren’t nearly so far down the coast as you are and it was tooooo cold for me – scuttled back to the big smoke. Strong stuff you country women xx

      • I use to fizzle, crack and die in the winter here as I was from up that way, but when I look at my childhood living in Wagga Wagga which gets both extremes Brogo is probably colder but if you have a warm wood fire there is nothing better. Im adjusting slowly Annie. Hope your holiday was nice.

        • Lovely holiday thank you Kath, and another short get away coming up soon – can’t complain can I 🙂

          As far as the cold goes – I think I’ve just never been properly geared up for it. Bought a jacket today, after the horse has bolted ha ha!! x

  2. I love the small town ‘everyone can do any job’ setup! It’s like that where I live now. I’m so glad I escaped from that bitter cold down south – brrrrr, freezing! 😀

  3. Loved this too…keep going on these!! Even when you think you are done. I always want to read more.

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