hit the snooze button


Avoiding sleep? or just living the dream…


Throw me the command ‘sleep’ and toothpicks prop open my eyes. I do like being awake though, alone and when all the world wants nothing from me. I’ve always been an owl – my body clock is just armed that way. When you’re a parent, and your children move beyond the tiny years, it’s fascinating seeing the natural rhythm of their wake sleep. I’d say only one of my three inherited the night prowling, though during their teens they all were pretenders.

Anyhoo – what do I do that prevents me from shutting eyes while darkness hangs around the house outside and any sound is an intruder?

I worry / think too much. Meditate, shut it down. I read. Close the book, clear the bed. I open web pages. Leave that laptop downstairs girl. I put the tv on sleep, turn the volume down really low, roll over…

In the morning I’ll hit the snooze button at least three times. Wake me when you’ve sorted it all out.




19 thoughts on “hit the snooze button

  1. It is interesting to see how our children’s waking/sleep patterns develop. My son is like me – an early riser, and terrible if he doesn’t get enough sleep. My daughter on the other hand is like her father – a snoozer who loves to lay in bed for as long as possible 🙂 Sleep well!

  2. Sounds familiar. But if we wait until everything is sorted out to rise, we might have to sleep a very long time. 🙂

  3. Sleep! That wonderful thing I do every night at 9:30. Can’t understand those who stay awake all night and struggle to survive during the day. My wife my kids all stayed up at night. Me, I sleep and i sleep good.

  4. I usually sleep wonderfully, but lately, one of my meds is keeping me awake. About 5pm, I have to make a choice: relieve the symptoms or sleep well at night?
    I’m a short-term thinker…

  5. I used to be a night owl and found it very difficult to get to sleep until about 10 years ago when my body clock completely reversed (could have something to do with my age, if you know what I mean), Now I go to sleep very early and get up very early – this morning for example, 3AM wake up, Yikes! Now I’m not working and the kids have their own lives I’d love to go back to the old ways and be able to sleep in 😉

  6. First – thanks for following me on Cold. Second, I’m an insomniac so I’m up probably three or four of every seven and it’s a huge danger to let myself descend into worry. Instead, I chant, pray, think up blog posts and try to solve the problems of fictional characters. Seems to work 🙂

    • No thanks necessary Victoria 🙂 When I read your words I feel I’m a reader, not a writer!

      Thanks so much for the tips for the small hours – definitely better than letting the worry wander…

  7. unfetteredbs

    I do like being awake though, alone and when all the world wants nothing from me.—- I love this, it is perfectly stated and more importantly, felt. Well, you already know that you and I are sisters in the night. Sending silent comfort…

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