favourite position?


where does the mood take you?


This couch is more comfortable than either of the two at home. Stretches long, arms the right height for a head. This morning I woke at 4am in exactly the same position I lay in, at midnight, to watch Wimbledon. Didn’t see a single game. The rhythmic splatting of the ball, back and forth, apparently hypnotic. Zzz be my response. So, yeah, I woke at 4 – an American morning news show had just started. I’m guessing the change in pitch and volume interrupted my breathing pattern – not to mention the fact the fire was well out.

It’s battling tonight! The wind is outrageous, and the fire of four logs isn’t touching the iciness.

I’ve watched movie after movie today. Unusual for me but there’s nothing on free tv so I’m discovering the delights of cable. Gone with the Wind; American President; Sense and Sensibility. Fairly early this morning I called it – pyjama day! I did go outside briefly – to the back and took a few photos of the purple horizon; to the front to carry in some more tree parts with so much gratitude for the warmth they provide. I wouldn’t normally sit around watching tv, any day.

On the coffee table in front of the fire are little piles of organisation. Alone in this house I can somehow manage to sort months of life that I can’t at home. I bought two bags of paperwork with me to cull, or pay attention to.

But I’m waffling. You want to know where I write? Anywhere and everywhere. With or without noise, alone or in a crowd. Wherever the mood takes me. Of course mostly in bed at home. At the dining table. With the laptop on my knee on either couch at home. In my father’s old rocking chair at the back of the kitchen – looking out at the (no longer) new garden. At work, when I’m really working. Sometimes in the car, pulled over, or desperately scribbling at traffic lights. And here, the beach escape…on the stretched out couch, at the also elongated dining table (it’s a lovely narrow strip of wood), on the deck with the view of the great blue sea as far as the eye can see.

The sea turned suddenly today. One minute the sky was bright blue and the ocean flat. Beautiful sky I hashtagged my photo on Instagram. Next – the black was moving in from the right, from the south; and then the wind made the tree unhuggable. Retreat indoors quickly wind. Tiny white peaks of froth littered the sea, and the horizon line was tricolour. Gunmetal grey sea, thin strip of purple, dark dark blue sky.

Going to actually see some tennis tonight…




15 thoughts on “favourite position?

  1. im watching gone with the wind right now… freezing here too.. so am wrapped in a blanket on the couch.. good luck staying awake

    • Thanks Livonne 🙂

      Freezing in this house! I have a blanket too but the cold is still cutting through. I hadn’t seen it before! Loved Sense and Sensibility more though – I’m in love with Severus Snape 🙂

      • Gone With The Wind is a huge favorite of mine from way back. Also love Sense and Sensibility as well as American President, a fine precursor to The West Wing TV series which my sweet husband and I have been watching on Netflix, all the while bemoaning that nothing has changed in the past decade or so. Hot in NYC, so keeping you warm in my thoughts, Annie! xoxoM

  2. garymilstead

    Going to the All England Club?

  3. I’ve heard it’s bitter down south at the moment – my daughter in Melbourne even lost part of her roof with the winds on Friday night. Stay safe and warm, Annie! 😀

  4. Annie south coast weather doing its usual stunts and I might have a pj day today too…My daughter and I love a good movie marathon and today looks glum at best so couch potato here we come lol

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