one more day up the coast


From my vantage point on the couch the horizon is very distinct – it’s like someone took a ruler and drew a straight line and then coloured it all in. Below the line they’ve had to use more than one pencil to get that colour – it’s not navy, it’s not light blue. It is dark, and a deep deep blue. Directly above that it’s so pale it’s almost white, with the tiniest tinge of blue…then it grades up twice within my line of vision. Up to pale blue, up to a light ‘sky’ blue. In the mid section, the pale blue, just a very few, and small, fluffs of white clouds. Cotton wool in a candy sky. 

Inside, the fire is roaring according to youngest when she gets off the phone. ‘It’s roaring now’. Some university ringing to offer her a place, chasing up her documents. Too late! Don’t you know she’s flying the coop, fleeing the country. I wish she wouldn’t twirl the poker on her sock while fending off their approach. I see spurts of toe blood any minute, or sparks as the sock ignites. I see danger everywhere 😉 

Beyond the window to my right cousin and his offsider are painting and primping. Getting this house marriage ready before eldest’s big day later this year. Infinite love and gratitude for kindnesses offered and done. The world can be a wonderful place you know.


10 thoughts on “one more day up the coast

  1. Yes, it can. And what a cozy nest you have to enjoy it in, Annie! xoxoM

  2. Enjoy, the weather has not been kind but if we relied on the weather for our happiness we would be a sorry bunch… family that is everything Anne.

  3. The sky, oh infinite ocean of serenity 🙂

  4. It sounds like a wonderful time, Annie. I love your descriptions of the sky! 😀

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