down on the farm


Can I bear to put words to screen around this exercise in futility?  You tease me with wishes fulfilled. One of my longest held dreams is to have a house of my own, a home in the country…

The relief of being able to renovate with no concern for the cost.  Doesn’t mean I’d be thoughtless of course!  No stress, no pressure.  Repairs done right.

I’d so love to spend some time alone.  Find my little patch in the sun, my chair with a view, cup of coffee and a cat.

This dream project would give wings to my circle as well.  The creative two could get stuck in – designing, decorating.  Give me a garden that feeds us.

And in another area of the farm a self sufficient retreat centre.  I could be with people when I want, and then not.  Probably no regular sangha but meditation/dharma retreats scheduled when it suits me.  Could be open to more than one group.  Maybe some writers.  Some workshops on garden design…

Maybe there would be a resident monk.  In time, depending on my desire for solitude, a small Buddhist hospice even…who knows.  Let’s get the house restored first 😉




14 thoughts on “down on the farm

  1. Ah – we have similar visions! May yours become a reality when the time is right. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Ahh I hear you … I so want my own place. with an artist’s retreat.. Surround myself with like minded people and just make the world a more beautiful place with art..

  3. I wanted to buy the family farm but 1.5 million wasn’t on my budget. I dream of making it a retreat, organic crops after 5 years, yeah. I hear you.

  4. This sounds absolutely idyllic. Can I come too? 🙂

  5. waywordness

    Lovely! Thank you for reading my blog. Namaste

  6. Keep bringing this dream into your mind and life, it sounds wonderful Annie. keep imagining it and it will unfold.

  7. Dreams do come true, Annie and just as Kath has said ‘dream into your mind and life and it WILL unfold’ 😀

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