major life changes


I’ve spent months panicking, preparing, and desperately doing living while counting down to the big trip.

I almost have work under control. I have no idea if I’m ready but I’ll fly away in ten days.

Early idea of an alone trip, an epiphany here and there perhaps, has morphed into a great family adventure. Adventure is not the right word – it’s a case of going places I’ve long dreamed about, and taking demons and dysfunction along with me. Planes, trains, automobiles and hotel rooms shared. Talk about having baggage!

Can’t even say I’m looking forward to it anymore.

And then it struck me. Life is going to change, drastically, soon. When I come back I will be alone in this huge set of walls. While youngest strikes out on her way back to independence I will also need to learn to be, again. All too easy to sit on the couch and eat after work but where’s the happiness? There’s a whole world out there in my own city, my own state, and I’ll have time to find my parts of it.

Responsibilities not quite done, lessened. Before long though I will be totally alone – aged parent care lingers frailly, and the big kids scour the real estate pages for their own patch.

Elusive ‘me’ time just might be rushing this way! Going to grab it with both hands…


caring for an aged parent

empty nest approaches

bucket list trip of a lifetime


How have you dealt with change?




33 thoughts on “major life changes

  1. You accept change as you do stagnation & restrictions.
    You accept it with open arms and an open heart.

    After all…………….when all the physical change settles down………is it not merely a state of mind.

    The future is whatever you make it.

  2. You have a lot of change going on at once. One day at a time. One decision at a time. That’s all you can do my dear. (((HUGS)))
    Diana xo

  3. I know this feeling all too well. My youngest is a senior in high school, my first granddaughter due within the month, my dad turned 80 this year, and my brother who works in town and checks on him most often is moving in October to South Carolina. And, my first born says they are going to start trying for their first, oh, and our company just merged with an Australian company – to hit January 1.

    • Ok Yep you do know what I’m talking about 🙂

      Exciting about your granddaughter…

      My mother is almost 92 and lives next door.

      Would love to hear more about the company – being as how I’m in Australia! Anything I should be buying or doing to help you?!?!

  4. Me time, alone time, time to do with whatever you will…all are true struggles when life has always been about giving OF yourself rather than to yourself. Hardest thing to be in that time, makes life and the world feel disjointed, my equilibrium is off and the fix alludes me. I wish a smoother journey for you and your attitude says “Here I am world, watch out!” Go and enjoy 🙂

  5. Exciting, terrifying…:)

  6. unfetteredbs

    There’s a whole lotta world out there…. We have to make this our mantra and remember!!

  7. Wow 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. This is going to be a huge change for you, Annie. Awesome and terrifying at the same time. Just take it in your hands and run with it! 😀

  9. Happy travels! Life is one grand adventure. It will be alright!

  10. Annie I am so excited for you, I love change but my hubby and son don’t do well with it….we meet in the middle somewhere. Life moves on, nothing stays the same for long so get out there and soak up the Emerald Isle…you will love it. can’t air to hear your tall tails.

  11. I just wanted to find a spot to tell you that I love your page. The material you write about makes me stop and think. I like that. I prefer that to the humorous posts, or the rants. And my son and I have just started to dabble with Buddhism, with the hopes of one day moving from here (the US) to Australia. So, if there is anyone I would LOVE to meet on here, it would be you. Thank you. Thank you for the posts, the ability to make me stop and think, the seriousness of every situation, the fact that you practice Buddhism AND for living in Australia!! If I knew how to become a citizen of Australia, I’d do it tomorrow!


    • So cool that we found each other’s writing then! And hey if you get here I’ll be more than happy to meet you! but I don’t know how to do it either…I was just born this way ha ha (aussie that is).

      I read your post about weather and I’ve got to tell you it is C O L D at the moment..however I’m sure somewhere north of here there’s a place where the temperature doesn’t drop. And I should think of heading there too!

      Meanwhile…keep reading up on Buddhism, and maybe there’s a group near you where you can learn more about it? annie

      • Will do! I think Buddhism is awesome, and so does my son. I love that it’s not a religion, but rather, living in kindness. Glad I found you on here!!

        • I read that on your blog…and I know it’s thought of as a lifestyle but it’s certainly a religion to many Kate. To me it’s a religion – hope that doesn’t shatter your view 🙂

          • Absolutely not. We use it as a religion as well. But for the sake of argument, Buddha himself said that it is not a religion, but living your life in kindness. So, that’s what I stick with so as not to offend anyone. 🙂

          • Ah people will always be offended by something 😉

          • Exactly, which is why we treat them all kindly, we pray for their happiness, and w continue to do good. I LOVE Buddhism. How can you not, when practicing it alone makes you feel good?

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