when it’s all over

voice silenced by stress
mind full Ireland USA
mother lies dying

keeping jet lag hours
4am tiramisu
no cries in the night

one night of quiet
and yet the nurse walks the hall
coma come to call?

anxiety and
my aching leg well travelled
comfort of couch, cats

I’ll talk to you soon


12 thoughts on “when it’s all over

  1. thinking of you Annie.. sending love and strength to you xxx

  2. Hugs to you Annie in your deepest hours of need. Xx

  3. As always, I hold Truth and Love with and for you, Annie. xoxoM

  4. You are in my thoughts with hope for peace soon.

  5. Oh Annie – how much my heart is with you – sending love. Julie (I wish these stupid words could do more).

    • Thanks Julie – the words and kind thoughts do help. And reading your blog. In the time I was away it’s gone from aged care to dementia – a shock to return to and not something I have any experience with yet I know you understand all too well. x

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