and we all shine on

Purple winter sky behind the stark bare trees and fashionable grey terrace walls, I could photograph you til my iPhone battery dies…

I drove round and round the neighbourhood duelling other locals for a spot near what passes for a supermarket. Mini gourmet morsels, low lighting. Suddenly, poodles have given way to labradors as the dog of choice, tied to the first house fence waiting.

It’s all imploding. I’m hanging on ok. We’ve never been good at harmony but I didn’t picture this. There’s a sibling called control. Another called confusion. And the others get on with it. Now control is absent, confusion has collapsed and the others really want to be left alone. Seriously, collapse on your own time don’t drag me into it! That may sound harsh without the back story but confusion is a never ending story of self importance and it’s always been inappropriate.

Going back to work today. Jetlag coming with me.


18 thoughts on “and we all shine on

  1. Caring for loved ones is never easy Annie I am thinking of you.

  2. Hope things get better and less confusing soon. ❀
    Diana xo

  3. I like having 3 siblings. Especially because right now not one of us is fighting with another one. Been in your shoes, you have my sympathies. I know you will but hang tough! They are all lucky to have you.

    xo mag

  4. It’s interesting, Annie. My brother usually assumes that we all share the same experiences growing up and should, therefore, be much more similar as adults than we actually are. We all go our separate ways most of the time even though we very much love one another and our mother. Keeping all of you in Love and Light always…xoxoM

  5. This too.
    And this too shall pass.
    Sibling madness rules the roost.
    After a time balloons deflate.

    Love and hugs from me.
    If I could give you strength I would.
    Alison xoxox

  6. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like, “we can choose our friends but not our families…” That familial connection may exist, but you always have a choice and never regret exercising it for self-preservation, health and sanity.

  7. I hope things get smoother soon!

  8. like the moon and the stars and the sun, instant karma’s gonna get you. Good luck with your endeavors whatever they may be.

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