that’s a view

I didn’t come to soothe my soul, there’s work to be done, but soothing can’t really be avoided at the seaside, can it.

Even as I wrote that, I suddenly realised that the renovation noise, from both side neighbours, not only wasn’t bothering me – I actually hadn’t noticed it. It’s either that the energy of this house just negates it, or the calm I feel here brings on selective deafness. The same tradies at home would render me senseless with annoyance.

Blue, white, and nature’s green is all the eye sees. I remember a time I felt colour was needed, but today the red and white striped cushion yells unnecessary.

Look beyond the furnishings…through the glass…blue water, horizon, blue sky.

And so here I am, transfixed by the ocean, soothed.

Writing 101 : A room with a view


6 thoughts on “that’s a view

  1. Annie enjoy the serenity and be good to you. Happy week to you. Kath.

  2. What she said. (Kath)

    You deserve that special time.

  3. Happy for you that you found the QUIET you were seeking!

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