ready, set, write – what’s your story?

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Men. That’s what I’m thinking about – why don’t I have one, where can I find one.

I’ve been single for so long, I so rarely meet anyone new, I have absolutely no idea how to have a relationship.

This past weekend was one love fuelled few days. Surrounded by happiness, friends wishing them well. So much joy. Jaws aching from smiling. And then nothing. The flatness that descended with the night. A big fat reminder of alone. The empty marquee. All the fun and noise sucked out of the garden as the caterers whisked away the plates, first chairs, then tables, then speakers carried back up the driveway.

Ah but what a festival it was. And yes, I want that too. Not a wedding! but the loved up feeling for sure. For me.

So…exactly how am I going to achieve that? Of course I don’t know or I’d have managed it long ago.

Three of us were talking at work today. One has just started a new relationship and she radiates peaceful happiness. The other is originally from South America and she says that in her culture, in her home town, it’s not acceptable to just ignore the fact that someone is single. The community will go out of its way to match you with someone and it Will happen! She has found, since moving to Oz, that it never happens here. Your happily ever after paired friends will not think to introduce you to their single friends – and isn’t it embarrassing to ask? I think it is… but here, I’ll lay it out there.

Do you have single friends? Don’t even bother asking them if they’d like to meet someone. Don’t set them up on blind dates – you can’t always be sure who’s going to be a good match for who. How about asking them round for a meal though. With options. Ask a few single people at a time I mean not just one woman, one man. No obvious set ups. Wouldn’t it feel great, not just seeing your friends happy, knowing you’d gone some way towards making it happen? I can tell you I would have loved it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes 🙂

Ah well – almost 400 words of what’s on my mind. I can go back to my quiet dreams now. Wonder what he’s up to right now?


15 thoughts on “ready, set, write – what’s your story?

  1. I know several very happy long-term couples who met on the net. Just sayin’ 🙂

    (But perhaps it’s easier in North America than in Oz – bigger market. Also it’s become a very acceptable way to hook up here. If you do it don’t go with the free sites – too much crap.)

    May love and companionship fall out of the sky and wrap you in a warm blanket ❤

  2. Love comes on little cat feet:). When it’s good and ready. No sooner.

  3. I often think that myself.. I don’t think any of my friends have ever set me up on a date. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not that interested in being set up, but I would have thought it would happen at least occasionally..

  4. I know the feeling. I’m trying to get back on the horse but the rules keep changing!

  5. Annie I can’t knock the set up, I was set up for a blind date by my sister and her neighbour. I was cynical, he on the other hand told his father after one date he had met the woman he was going to marry. TRUE. It does happen. So if someone does know someone and tries to set you up…… never say never.

  6. I love your thoughts, Annie. It’s not easy to sit down and write what’s on your mind. I believe in fate and there’s someone there for you that the universe will reveal in it’s own time. It sucks waiting, but it’ll happen 😉

  7. My sweet husband and I met online almost ten years ago, Annie. At that point, I’d been single for a very long time, I’d had a child that I reared without a partner, and I’m so very grateful that I had the time and emotional space to devote to her. I also knew it was time to allow her to have her own life by creating an emotional satisfying one for myself. Not being a barfly, and having had little success in meeting someone in spite of the many activities I participated in, I turned to online dating. I was looking for someone who also wanted to share a life, not just some laughs.

    Every day, I tell my sweet husband that the day he found me (online) was my lucky day! xoxoM

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