animals as therapy

I am so grateful that there isn’t a tree somewhere that I feel compelled to tie a teddy to. I drove past one today. I drove that colonial bush track to the beach. Escaping my house, my life again, just for a few days. My road to bliss is someone else’s slippery slope to hell.

So I did give pause to think about them, child and grieving parent, but in my own world I’m seeing smiles. Two long, weekend days in the office behind me – two fifths of a course done, and feeling blessed to have met and spent time with the participants. A wealth of Buddhist knowledge floating in the air as I work.

And more joy? I saw an echnida as I started the track! That was a first. Safely navigated the crossing at speed, I’m not sure why I assumed they moved slower than that.  Then, I had just arrived at the beach when the young ones called out ‘WHALES’. Second time in my life, second time in two weeks, whales off the balcony. Whale playtime! One behind another mother and child breached over and over and over. An olympic butterfly race from one headland to the other and I had the best seat in the stands. Magic.


8 thoughts on “animals as therapy

  1. Enjoy the beach! 😀
    Diana xo

  2. Magic indeed! How wonderful. And an echidna! *And* Buddha energy! Many blessings.
    Alison xox

  3. Annie that is pure magic one of the first things that I cherished when I moved to the South Coast were the Echidna’s at first we were like all WOW look at that! Now I smile and say good morning Ive had them right near my door a couple of times now. My mum has them too. Really special and don’t get me started on whales. There is something majestic about spotting one, this year I have had no luck when I go to my mums house. But there is always hope. Happy healing days to you.

    • Thank you Kath.

      I would love that – just that brief sighting of an echnida made me smile so much 🙂

      And the whales! Last weekend was the first time I’d ever seen one, then yesterday they really gave me such a welcome…I’m in love x

  4. Seeing the whales would be absolute magic, Annie! I’ve never seen one but would love to. What a beautiful and relaxing time you must have had 😀

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