addicted to a sea view – or, last day at the beach house

I imagine I see whales spouting and breaching all the time now, but it’s just the wild wild sea. Murky green after this morning’s steel dark grey.

It’s going that way. Later it might come back the other way. All the smallest creatures under the surface have no say in their destiny – pulled in the direction of the wind. I know our own human lives are predetermined by karma but we have free will to change direction. I think some sea life doesn’t have the strength to go any way, other than as the tide takes them. Go with the flow – mentally liberating?

Where are the whales when they aren’t breaching? When playtime is over what do they do? Did they know it was the weekend, were they showing off for the audience, does our awe give them pleasure? How do we affect them as they wow us?

The sea holds such a fascination. I want to know what’s going on in the depths, but I don’t want to go there…

I hope the big wind comes soon. Two a.m. is a scary time for the howling to begin.


3 thoughts on “addicted to a sea view – or, last day at the beach house

  1. You definitely have a thing for the sea. 🙂

    Did you sail on tall ships? Have you heard the rigging creak, felt the dip and sway of the ocean’s life-giving dance?

    • In a past life – you seem to have set a karmic memory in motion..rocking back and forth while I muse on it 😉

      But in this life fascination and fear in equal measure. Fear, or arms length respect for the power of nature. I don’t want to be on, or deeply under the sea but ‘I love to watch’, and I love swimming laps xx

  2. It’s very hypnotic, isn’t it? It’s rolling waves and endless depth

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