since you asked…

The last whistle stop on my excellent adventure was New York.

Second time I’ve been there luckily, because this was a really bizarre less than 24 hours.

The taxi ride from La Guardia to my sister’s apartment took years, allow a bit longer than google tells you. An accident here, a breakdown there, and the city grid was locked… Forty floors up, intense storm and gotham city like skyline. Lying on the couch with torn leg muscles and a cup of tea, rusty hot water from a forgotten kettle.

New York makes me edgy. And that’s quite apart from the anxiety that latched on and travels with me this life. I’ve been places where ‘they’ speak a language I’ve never learnt. Even places where they speak an English I don’t recognise. That’s not the issue. I can’t explain it – it’s an edgy city to me.

Next day after breakfast, I got another taxi to another airport. Two taxis and a sleepless night 40 floors up and I left the little one with my sibling, and flew the long way home.

I do hope to go back one day. And either work out the feeling, or dispel it 😉

What was the last city you travelled to, and how did it make you feel?


14 thoughts on “since you asked…

  1. The New York lifestyle was frenetic to me. Found the people nicer than I expected, but moving too fast for my tastes. Like fast-forwarding through life.

  2. I’m laughing, Annie. Most people immediately connect to the frenzy. We have so many people here for a short time, frantically trying to pack in as much stuff into their experience as possible, it’s a bit of a challenge to tap into the underlying sustenance and peace. I see that even with long-time residents of our city. Once connected to the nurturing heart, however, the energy flows as peacefully and powerfully as the currents of the rivers that surround us. Come back, Annie. Work through it! 😉 xoxoM

    • I’d love to find that peace Margarita 🙂

      Last time I was there for two weeks and I know just how much there is to see and do in NY…but yeah I think it’d take a while to find the calm, I’d love to.

      I live in the inner city here and love nothing more than silence, birdsong, looking at waves…my kind of peace xx

  3. Chicago native here, don’t know that I would be able to tolerate all that is NYC. I love your writing style!

  4. New York has a pulse, it is a place where I stepped off the plane and said “Whoa! Can you feel this city?” To my sister and she agreed it was pumping, there was this energy we could not explain and I loved it. Mind you I was young and carefree. It would be interesting to go back now Annie.

  5. You bring back the anxiety and love (mixed) I used to feel when I would visit Chicago before living there. And now, I can’t imagine feeling that way, although I remember it well. I love New York also–but again, after making a big city my home for decades. Something to be said, too, for the quieter pace of love in a less traveled place. But once the bug hits, you’re smitten:).

    • Thing is… I live in THE big city here, literally inner city. And I don’t love it, I’ve long craved to live in the country or by the sea. Then the first time I visited NY and came home I realised just how small our city is ha ha!!

  6. I’ve never been to New York, Annie, but I can understand your feeling of edginess. The last city I visited was Melbourne (I’m not a big traveler) 😉

  7. I like your last line about going back one day to work it out or dispel the feelings.
    I lived near London four a year or so when I was very young. The smog was worse then. For years, when I smelled a diesel truck or bus (sorry, lorry or coach…) I was reminded of London. I didn’t really want to carry that association, but there it was.
    Once, when I was on a layover of many hours at Heathrow, I took the Underground into Hyde Park and found the rose garden. I firmly planted my nose in those roses and repeated to myself “London! London! London!”. That helped, along with a few more trips.
    Well, I still do sometimes think of London sometimes when I smell exhaust. Now also I think of London when I smell roses (or Portland, or San Diego, or Vancouver or … well there are many rose gardens…)
    Thanks for reminded me of that, and enjoy your trip back to New York whenever it happens.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that. I love how you went in to London on your layover and consciously chose another association – wonderful!!

      If the $ can add up I’ll definitely get back to NY – I have relatives in NY and Boston now…but I also want to return to Ireland and take my time enjoying a visit there. annie

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