basic math

I read a wordpress prompt today – two plus two equals four. The writer mentioned, rather than thinking of it as just a lame prompt share the first thing that comes to mind on reading it.

Two plus three didn’t end up equalling five in our case.

Two adults had three children and along the way it got ugly. Disconnected. Love lost. Tide turned. Etc etc.

One adult down.

One plus three still didn’t add up to four in the end.  Sadly.

Estranged. That’s a word I hate. A word I never thought I’d have to relate to this self.

So there you have it. One plus two equals three; or two plus three equals three. For now. We can always hope that the darkness will end. Boundless heart space for you little boy – prodigal your way home…


10 thoughts on “basic math

  1. You write so eloquently. And despite the heartbreak your strength and love shine through.
    Alison ❤

  2. Beautifully written! 🙂
    Sometimes I wish people were as easy as mathematics but less problematic too! 😀

  3. Change is not always welcomed in our life but our acceptance and understanding of it is what we do have control of.

    I hope it moves in the right direction for you soon.

  4. Sometimes things just don’t add up, Annie. Sending you big hugs xxxx

  5. Annie the day will come I am sure when everything with be a ten out of ten. X maybe not in a head count but you get what Im trying to say…..40 degree heat, me thinks has fried my brain.

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