sea change / tree change

And so what’s next? Where to my friends?

I’ve got one of the biggest life decisions to make and I’m frozen. I’ve wanted this for such a long time – I’m free, free to move wherever I want and I am clueless as to where that might be!

I’ve love to throw it out there to you, suggestions/advice/ideas welcome. I can’t think of a real live human to talk it through face to face with. I know that’s pathetic but I need objective thinking…and yet, I can’t be specific with you.

Let’s just say I live in the big city inner city. I want to move and will be asked to soon, so would like to get the jump on that. I have an old house in another location to sell but…there goes my income.

So. I think I need to buy two properties with the one I sell. Two apartments seems the obvious choice – live in one rent one. I’ve never really thought about living in an apartment before. For the longest time I dreamt of a farm (chooks, alpacas, vegetables, and a long green view). More recently I’ve become aware that I’m happiest when I can see the sea. Can I afford real estate on the edge? I’m not a city girl despite all these years…I like a small town, better yet the fringe of…but as I age I know a decent hospital within coo-ee is sensible. Yes, santa, I want it all!

Maybe I Can have it all, but up or down the coast…I just have to work out where and what.

Simples? Ha ha 🙂

Now it’s your turn – put your two cents in. Last time you moved did you have any kind of dilemma as to where you were going, or was it obvious and easy?


24 thoughts on “sea change / tree change

  1. Isn’t it supposed to get easier as we move into the later stages of life? Maybe I just imagined that to be true…I vote for as close to the sea as you are able, with a bit of land if possible for a small plot of land for the hens to peck away at. Surely there must be something out there that would allow for two small, but individual spaces…one for you and one for a renter. Or what if you became the ‘renter’ on a nice farm close to the sea leaving the hard work to others while you, on occasion, supplement your rent by helping with farm work…
    So many possibilities and I can relate to the what to do and where to go feelings as that time is fast approaching. I have a coastal location, although much different from your locales, that I can envision living out my days, but that nagging idea of health and care has also popped into my head. Those services would not be as forthcoming that far out…however do we live our lives waiting for sickness and aging and beyond, or take an opportunity and whatever comes with it. I want to be the opportunity taker for once so I suggest you through caution to the wind and set yourself off on the best adventure you can and find a place that makes you happy-all the rest will work out.

    • Sorry, meant to say “throw caution to the wind” not through…I must learn to proof before hitting post 🙂

    • What if I beCome the renter! Reading your wonderful comment (thank you) I realise that I don’t have to make the financial decision in a hurry. I have options! And yes I could rent for a while and try different areas…

      I love your advice, thank you so much. I used to not think about the health services – people live and die in rural areas after all! I think that only really factored in my head after youngest was diagnosed with that dreaded disease…long before that I read a quote which I always loved. ‘to not take a risk is the greatest risk’ so yeah – we both have to be the opportunity takers 🙂

  2. The last time I moved was after my cancer. I wanted to be near dog-friendly hiking trails. I made a notebook of potential homes, and we saw every one of them. When we found the right house it was perfect, and has been perfect for the past 11 years. I’m glad we worked hard to find the right house and to not let “wow”-ness lure us into the wrong decision. We had a buyer’s broker helping us, and that made all the difference. Try finding a buyer’s broker, because they may help you with solutions you may not have thought of.

  3. I like what Deb says! A lot! Throw caution to the wind and do what makes your heart sing, say yes to opportunities.
    Before I read Deb’s comment I was going to suggest “Morning Pages” – they sure got me and Don unstuck. First thing every morning write 3 pages – *by hand* – of whatever comes out. *Whatever* comes out. This is not about good writing, it’s about getting all the mindcrap out and see what emerges once a more empty space has been made. Just write and write and write until the truth, *your* truth emerges. The answer might surprise you, but for sure it will juice you!
    With much love
    Alison xoxox

    • I am so happy I put it out there. So much wonderful advice coming my way 🙂

      I will take your suggestion and run with it. I’m thinking I have to work the money out some way so that I could go back to Ireland and stay longer…and then also ‘have it all’ back here.


  4. We have packed up and moved to Italy for a year and more recently sold our house and moved to another area. My advice to you is to trust your instincts because there are no certainties in life that’s for sure! When I see a door close for me I leave it alone and I then keep going forward until there is a flow and synchronicity .

    It is difficult to step out into the unknown but this sounds like exactly where you should be and you can trust you will be shown the signs when you ask for them.

    Good luck!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing this comment with me.

      You’ve given me ideas…I don’t have to limit myself at all.

      I hope to work out the finances so that I can spend some time overseas – probably not a year but longer than a tourist trip.


  5. How exciting! I love being on the farm but often dream of a place by the sea.

  6. If you can swing it, I would definitely find something on the coast, or with a water view. I could not live without that, at this stage. Every single day, I look out at the water and think… I am so lucky. So, knowing how you feel about this, A, I say: find a smaller (because it will cost more) place by the sea.

  7. Good advice already on the boards here…so all I’ll say is this: do it, go with your gut. And how exciting and scary all at the same time!

  8. My suggestion is to do what I do with each major decision – take a piece of paper, fold it in half and write down the pros/cons of living at the beach or in the country. When you’re done, you’ll have a tangible list to help you make a decision.

  9. All I can say is don’t delay follow your heart today. Sunshine and happiness will follow Annie.

  10. Bodhi Clown

    Once, I moved to another state — because I had the opportunity to move, I’d visited there before, it was ‘just time’ to go. I didn’t have a real plan, but while driving there I had this sudden insight: I was going there for clarity. Without really knowing what that meant. But after living there 3 1/2 years, & in the years since, I have come to understand what ‘clarity’ meant for my life, it unfolds still years later. BTW, I consider myself am apprentice bodhisattva — lots of training to go!!

  11. Easy, as long as there was water…nice, cool, grounding water. There is no other energy like it.
    Start weekend wanders up and down the coast, check their temperature in different seasons with the locals and start whittling them down. Take your time, you have the rest of your life 🙂
    And you will be surprised what awaits you. Namaste

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