end of year haiku

I have no words now

nothing and nothing to say

it’s not writer’s block

a ledger of pain

silence from the middle child

put the tale away

christmas rushing in

no joy this year no crackers

clean page so welcome


15 thoughts on “end of year haiku

  1. Annie, so glad to see you back here. Have missed you as well as your words. I like the idea of clean pages, starting anew, moving on…perhaps this will encourage new and better things to follow. Welcome back 🙂

  2. Holidays can be so hard . . . . glad you’re looking up for next year.

  3. Annie, I have had a rough go with my eldest this year which only gives me a bit of insight into the pain you must experience. Blessings to you and yours this holiday season. xoxo maggie

  4. Annie sorry to hear it and hope the new year brings health, happiness and change for you. Merry Christmas from my little corner of this world.

  5. This can be a very hard time of the year, Annie. 2015 has to be better than the last two years (pleeease).
    Stay safe and well, my friend xxxx

  6. Ah, good, you left this behind in 2014. Clean slate in 2015, Annie. Let’s fill it with love and joy! xoxoM

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